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About the founder

Many people acted like a teacher when they were young. Only some eventually became one. MSL founder and instructor, April Zhang, is one of these rare people. She tutored her classmates at high school, but she did not know at that time that one day she would make a career out of it.

April's Bachelor's degree was in Mechanical Engineering, Master's degree in Cultural and Literary Studies. She earned her TESOL certificate in 2000, and founded MSL in 2003.

During her early career, she taught English to Chinese speakers, and later turned her focus to teaching Mandarin to non-Chinese speakers. Her experience as a bilingual teacher has given her insight on the process of learning and how cultural differences affect learning outcomes. Mandarin Express series and Chinese Reading and Writing series are the outcomes of over a decade development, which fully integrate targeted exercises with functionality, structures, and cultural interests.

Books Expos Attended:

  • Frankfurt Book Fair. Frankfurt, Germany. Oct 11-15, 2017.
  • National Chinese Language Conference. Houston, USA. Apr 6-8, 2017.
  • The Annual Convention & World Languages Exposition. Boston, USA. Nov 18-20, 2016.

Papers Presented:

  • "Textbooks that Connect Chinese Culture with Other Cultures." The 3rd International Conference on Chinese Heritage Education. Newark, CA, USA. August 12-13, 2017
  • "Class Activities that Benefit both Students and Teachers." National Chinese Language Conference. Houston, TX, USA. April 6-8, 2017.
  • "Re-Enforcing Chinese Curriculum Design and an Effective Method of Teaching Chinese towards Non-Chinese Speakers." International Conference ICT for Language Learning. Edition 8. Florence, Italy. Nov 12-13, 2015.

Selected Publications on Other Topics:

  • "Phoney Relations", South China Morning Post, Dec 6, 2012
  • "HK Identity Caught Between Political Reality and Insecurity", South China Morning Post, Oct 17, 2012
  • "Should Hong Kong Increase its Dependence on Nuclear Power as its Main Power Supply?", English Street, Apr 4, 2011
  • "Is Hong Kong Ready for Universal Suffrage?", English Street, Feb 21, 2011
  • "Should You Buy Souvenirs When Traveling?", English Street, Jan 3, 2011

On-going Project: