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We focus on all aspects of teaching and learning Mandarin as a second language, innovating teaching method, designing learning materials, and developing free online Chinese teaching and learning resources. 


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Two Series of Chinese Textbooks Take Students from Beginner to Language Fluency and Cultural Literacy

MSL Master offer two inter-related, and also stand-alone, Chinese textbooks for 2nd language learners, Chinese Reading and Writing series and Mandarin Express series. These two series create a four-stage learning path, helping students build up their Chinese language skills efficiently and effectively. The content of the textbooks are relevant and interesting, and can be easily applied to real world situations, while built-in class activities help teachers facilitate learning process with clear objectives. Multi-cultural exchanges bring out in-depth presentation and discussion of Chinese culture. 

Resources and Stuff You Can Use

MSL Master share some free online Chinese teaching and learning resources with teachers and students, for more targeted practices and in-depth knowledge. 

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