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Taking students from complete beginner
to fluency and cultural literacy.

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Expanding your Chinese teaching toolkit
for more interesting classes.

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We Provide Chinese Learning Materials
That Will Boost Your Students' Confidence


Increase students' knowledge retention, and obtain outstanding Chinese language skills


Promote qualitative, portfolio-based assessment, and encourage fresh ideas

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Provide opportunities for team work through built-in exercises and class activities


Focus on communication and develop independent and critical thinking skills

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Our focus is to innovate teaching method, and design learning materials and resources for Chinese teachers to teach Mandarin as a second language. We have written twenty textbooks, twelve teacher's manuals, and developed one Chinese learning pen. 


Chinese Textbooks


Teacher's Manuals


Chinese Learning Pen

Two Series of Chinese Textbooks Take Students from Beginner to Fluency and Cultural Literacy

Chinese Reading and Writing and Mandarin Express are two inter-related and also stand-alone series. The structures of the textbooks give teachers control over teaching and learning rhythms, while the content nurtures students' interests and encourages them to explore. Class activities help teachers facilitate learning process with clear objectives, and multi-cultural exchanges bring out in-depth presentation and discussion of Chinese culture. 

Resources and Stuff You Can Use

A collection of different types of materials, for example class activities and grammar points, are here to expand your teaching toolkit.

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