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Giving You Success is Our Top Priority

Chinese Courses & Textbooks

Well structured Chinese courses and textbooks provide an effective and proven learning path that takes students from beginners to proficient speakers.

Learning Support & Strategies

Besides teacher-led classes, self-study students also get the support they need: audio & video lessons, online tutoring, and learning tips and strategies.

Enjoy an Incredible Journey

Speak fluent Mandarin, read Chinese books, understand Chinese culture, and get insight into Chinese political and social environment.

Achieve all these goals while having the most stimulating, fun and rewarding learning experience.

There are no thousands of words to be drilled, no thousands of Chinese characters to be copied, or endless grammar points to be mulled over. We promise that your brain will not be numbed by painful mechanical repetitions. 

Instead, there are sufficient listening exercises, carefully crafted reading materials, creative activities, sound-enhanced textbooks, and step-by-step guidelines. 

Enjoy this incredible learning journey with us and watch yourself being transformed from a complete beginner to a fluent Chinese speaker.

Chinese Writing Contest

Become a published writer with us! 

Since 2021, Chinese language learners worldwide have been invited to participate in this exciting annual event and to show their creativities using 320 unique Chinese characters. 

This annual event aims to transform a learning perspective from “How many Chinese characters have you learned?” to “How much reading and writing have you done?” 

We encourage beginner students to compete with the advanced ones, and the older students with the younger ones. This event welcomes everyone regardless of age or nationality.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the top three have their special prizes. And the bragging right is to be included in the best entries which are published internationally with free audiobooks available online. 

This is a free and open event which winners are selected by public votes on Twitter.

Chinese Teaching & Learning Resources You Can Use

This resource centre includes articles that explain Chinese grammar, video clips that help practice story telling, tips and strategies that improve pronunciation and vocabulary, as well as in-depth analysis of Chinese language and culture and recommended reading lists.

Take advantage of these resources, avoid potential pitfalls, get motivated and establish a well rounded approach to learning Chinese.

Something Extra, Add on Materials

Some cool and interesting materials to help you stay focused and have fun with learning Chinese.

Learning Chinese Well Organised, a journal, a tool and also your personal assistant, helps you find time and space in the midst of all the distractions which this digitised world throws at you. 

Printable posters can decorate your walls and give extra meanings to your learning journey. Some are fun and thought provoking, while others are pure art that takes inspiration from ancient Chinese traditions.

Stay Informed with Our News Blog

Follow MSL Master wherever you are. This is where we announce our latest products, special events, participation in major international book fairs and conferences, and share some of our students’ amazing learning experiences. 

This is also the place for you to get some great seasonal content related to Chinese language and culture, including Chinese festivals, historical events in China, some influential Chinese people and their impact in the world.

Our Story

MSL Master & Teacher April Zhang

MSL Master is a Hong Kong based education solution company with a focus on teaching and learning Mandarin as a second language, developing materials and methodologies for non-Chinese speakers. 

April is the founder of MSL Master. Her goal is to transform the old fashioned, reading and writing based Chinese curriculum, into a communication based Chinese curriculum which is stimulating and rewarding. Read more here. 

Everything started with April’s poor English. Like most people, she started learning English when she was ten years old. However, eight years later, she still could not have a decent enough conversation with a native-English speaker. That was not the best learning experience, and April would never want that to happen to her students. 

Today, after having created a spectrum of Chinese learning materials and helped many students achieve outstanding results, she continues to come up with new and interesting ways that help people learn Chinese through creative, imaginative and impactful activities.

During her early career, April taught English to Chinese speakers, and later turned her focus to teaching Mandarin to non-Chinese speakers. Her experience as a bilingual teacher has given her insight on the process of learning and how cultural differences affect learning outcomes.

April received her BS in Mechanical Engineering, and her MA in Cultural and Literary Studies.

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