Learning Chinese is to Get Inspired

Chinese Textbooks & Courses

Chinese textbooks, Chinese Learning Pen, pre-recorded audio and video courses for beginner students to do self-study, and in person classes for accelerated learning.

Teaching & Learning Resources

Resources to broaden students’ minds, videos to practice story telling, and articles to expand teaching toolkit and to gain insights into Chinese language and culture.

Experience the Richness of Life

Speak fluent Mandarin, understand Chinese culture, enjoy more when travelling to China, read famous Chinese novels, get more insight into Chinese political and financial environment, and build solid personal and business relationship with Chinese people. 

Enjoy an incredible learning journey with us, no matter where you are. 

Communication based Chinese textbooks, comprehensive Mandarin lessons, and Chinese Learning Pen — a digital audio equipment, everything is designed to bring you the most rewarding and stimulating learning experience.

Meet Your Personal Assistant, Learning Chinese Well Organised

Keep in mind your general goal while completing each of small tasks. Get inspired and find time and space to learn Chinese in the midst of all the distractions which this digitised world throws at you. 

Learning Chinese Well Organised is a journal and a tool to help you stay focused and to keep track of your learning progress. It provides some tech-free moments for you to be with yourself, to reflect, and to achieve.

Free Chinese Teaching & Learning Resources You Can Use

This resource centre includes articles teaching Chinese grammar, useful class activities teachers can implement right away, learning tips and strategies, insights into the Chinese language, video clips for practicing Chinese, and recommended readings in English. All are free, with no opt-in required. 

Take advantage of these wonderful resources and establish a well rounded approach to learning Chinese. New articles are added from time to time. 

If you’d like to share an exciting or interesting idea on Chinese teaching and learning, we are happy to hear from you.

Chinese Writing Contest

“To read more, to write more, and to be creative.” That is the motto of this Chinese Writing Contest.

Chinese language learners worldwide are invited to show their creativity and write something using only 320 Chinese characters. It’s fun, and definitely a challenge. This writing contest aims at turning learning Chinese from being dominated by a narrowly defined question “how many characters have you learned?” to being guided by a broader question, which has the real potential for success, “how much reading and writing have you done?”. 

Thanks for our generous partners, great prizes have lined up.

Chinese Writing Contest 2021 is open for submission now, and closes on September 30, 2021.

Stay Informed with Our News Blog

Follow MSL Master wherever you are. This is where we announce our latest products, special events, participation in major international book fairs and conferences, and share some of our students’ amazing learning experiences. 

This is also the place for you to get some great seasonal content related to Chinese language and culture, including Chinese festivals, historical events in China, some influential Chinese people and their impact in the world.

Check it out regularly. 

Our Story

MSL Master & Teacher April Zhang

MSL Master is a Hong Kong based education solution company with a focus on teaching and learning Mandarin as a second language, developing materials and methodologies for non-Chinese speakers. 

April is the founder of MSL Master. Her goal is to transform the old fashioned, reading and writing based Chinese curriculum, into a communication based Chinese curriculum which is stimulating and rewarding. Read more here. 

Everything started with April’s poor English. Like most people, she started learning English when she was ten years old. However, eight years later, she still could not have a decent enough conversation with a native-English speaker. That was not the best learning experience, and April would never want that to happen to her students. 

Today, after two series of Chinese textbooks, Chinese Learning Pen, Chinese video lessons, Mandarin audio lessons, and many insightful articles, she continues to come up with new ideas that will make learning Chinese rewarding, stimulating, and fun.

During her early career, April taught English to Chinese speakers, and later turned her focus to teaching Mandarin to non-Chinese speakers. Her experience as a bilingual teacher has given her insight on the process of learning and how cultural differences affect learning outcomes.

April received her Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, and her Master's degree in Cultural and Literary Studies.


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Chinese Teacher
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