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About This Book

This book is written for the purpose of practicing new words and structures appeared in Mandarin Express Basic Level A Student's Book, and also recap some of the words and structures taught before.

There are ten exercises for each lesson and ten for each review, providing a large amount of interesting and engaging drills to sharpen students' Mandarin skills. Targeted words, phrases and patterns appear repeatedly in numerous sentences, paragraphs, conversations and readings. All listening exercises are especially important for students to improve their listening comprehension. 

Comparing with the previous Mandarin Express Work Books, exercises in this book are more diverse, which is an excellent way for sufficient repetition without being boring, and therefore ensures a great learning outcome. 


ISBN: 978-988-13662-5-2
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication time: 2014
Pages: 98
Audio: 2 CDs (82 min)


Book Aims

  • Practice targeted ten important topics
  • Carry on meaningful conversations
  • Enhance overall comprehension
Stage: Foundation

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