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MSL Master is a Hong Kong based education solution company with a focus on teaching and learning Mandarin as a Second Language. MSL Master focuses on developing Chinese learning materials and teaching methodologies for non-Chinese speakers.

Chinese teacher Zhang Xuehong, aka April Zhang, is the author and developer at MSL Master. Her Bachelor's degree was in Mechanical Engineering, Master's degree in Cultural and Literary Studies.

During her early career, she taught English to Chinese speakers, and later turned her focus to teaching Mandarin to non-Chinese speakers. Her experience as a bilingual teacher has given her insight on the process of learning and how cultural differences affect learning outcomes. Mandarin Express series and Chinese Reading and Writing series are the outcomes of over a decade development, which fully integrate targeted exercises with functionality, structures, and cultural interests. 

Experience, Technology and Value


The best way to help students make astounding progress in Chinese. 


All materials and technologies are to help students communicate in real life.


Help students to become a master of Mandarin Chinese as a culture.

MSL Master stands for Mandarin as a Second Language Master. There are three key words: "Mandarin", "second", and "master".

The first word is "Mandarin". It refers to Mandarin Chinese, Putonghua, a common language that most people speak (with their distinctive accents) in China.

The second word is "second", which means we help people who are learning Mandarin as their second language. Thus, we rule out toddlers and very young children, whose first language is not yet in place. (It would be ridiculous to talk about a toddler's second language.) In the place of the word "second", there are two alternatives: Mandarin as a "Foreign" Language, and Mandarin as an "International" Language. The word "foreign" indicates a divide between the self and the other. Once defined as "foreign", the language and the self will never be one. This word implies constant conflicts and never-ending struggles. As for "international", given the wide spread of English, it is unrealistic to call Mandarin an international language, at least not yet. Therefore, we decided "second" is the best.

The third word is "master". It is a statement of our mission. Firstly, we help our students to master, to grasp, and to conquer. It is a process, to master Mandarin this language, from a starting point to a high level of proficiency. It also implies to overcome difficulties, and to make effort to achieve. Secondly, we want our students to become a master, a teacher, an expert, and a specialist of Mandarin as a culture. It is the ultimate achievement of learning, the end result of an arduous, demanding and grueling journey. It is to finally get to the sublimed status, to know.

Now the questions are: How to master Mandarin as a second language? And how to become a Mandarin as a second language master?

Our Expertise Comes from
Old-fashioned Principles of Hardwork

April offers private lessons and group classes to test and further improve all Chinese learning materials and methodologies. While running the risk of being a guinea pig occasionally, students generally enjoy well targeted and best designed Mandarin classes and they improve quickly through interactive drills. The entire curriculum transforms the students from total beginners into fluent Mandarin speakers.

Private Mandarin Lessons

Students enjoy flexible schedule and are able to progress at their own pace. Tuition includes course materials.

Tuition fee for 1 person:

  • 20-hour package: HK$9,800 (HK$490/hour)
  • 30-hour package: HK$13,500 (HK$450/hour)

Tuition fee for 2 people:

  • 20-hour package: HK$13,800 (HK$690/hour)
  • 30-hour package: HK$19,500 (HK$650/hour)

Terms & Conditions:

1. Please register and make the full payment a week before the designated starting date. Payment is not transferable or refundable unless the course is cancelled by MSL Master. We accept cash, cheque and bank transfer.

2. In case of cancellation or rescheduling, there is no cancellation/rescheduling charge applied if MSL Master is notified at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the full amount of the session is charged.

3. Time limit: For 20 hours package, all hours must be finished within 4 months; for 30 hours package, within 6 months. Unfinished hours can not be used and the remaining balance is not refundable.

Group Mandarin Classes

Group classes are fun and an excellent way to share a great learning experience with fellow students. The maximum intake per class is 6 people.

Tuition fee per person:

HKD3750 per 10 classes.
Each class is 90 minutes (course materials included)

Terms & Conditions:

1. Please register and make the full payment on or before the designated registration date. Payment is not transferable or refundable unless the course is cancelled by MSL Master. We accept cash, cheque and bank transfer.

2. Group classes are conducted at fixed schedules. Missing sessions are regarded as forfeiting the sessions.

3. In case of Typhoon Signal No 8 issued by Hong Kong Observatory, all classes are automatically cancelled.

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