Find someone who ...

Level: Basic to Pre-Intermediate

Time: 20-30 minutes

Organization: Whole Class

Aim: This activity involves the whole class and gives students opportunities to move around and talk to one another. This encourage the whole class to stay active, and communicate with one another. Students have some fun while they builds trust and understanding among each other and with teachers.

(The example of the questionnaire is taken from Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B Teacher’s Manual.)


Preparation: Make photocopies of the questionnaire


  1. Give each student a questionnaire.
  2. Tell students to ask around the questions until they find two students who fit in the criteria, and write their names down.
  3. Activity ends until all students have completed their questionnaires or the time is up.
  4. Teachers walk around the class and monitor the progress.

Follow up 1: Teachers invite two or three students from different groups to share what they have learned through the activity.

Follow up 2: Teachers ask each student to write down something that they find interesting during the activity.

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