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MSL Master offers two series of textbooks, Mandarin Express series and Chinese Reading and Writing series, designed for non-Chinese speakers to learn Mandarin Chinese effectively and efficiently. These two series provide a learning path for students from beginners to language proficiency and cultural literacy. There are four stages in this path, and each has its own objectives and its own type of instruction, also requires different kinds of participation from students.

Four Stages at a Glance


With no prior knowledge of the Chinese language, students get familiar with the sound of Chinese, learn basic sentence structures, and carry on basic conversations of daily topics.


Mandarin Express Intro Level A


Students acquire 320 basic Chinese characters and develop sophisticated skills in reading and writing Chinese texts. At the same time, they learn to be expressive on various important topics.

  • Chinese Reading and Writing 1
  • Mandarin Express Intro Level B
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 2
  • Mandarin Express Basic Level A
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 3
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 4
  • Mandarin Express Basic Level B
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 5
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 6


Students learn 2000-2500 characters rapidly, acquire more complex sentence structures, and develop their abilities in presenting and writing in Chinese on many contemporary topics.

  • Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level A
  • Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B


Students read long analytical articles and a selection of classical texts ranging from 2100BCE till the 20th century, and get an acute sense of Chinese cultural literacy.

  • Mandarin Express Intermediate Level A
  • Mandarin Express Intermediate Level B

Key Features

Mandarin Express

Four levels of comprehensive Mandarin instruction ranging from daily activities to world issues

Practical task-based learning with a wide variety of text presentations

Targeted words and structures are re-enforced through interactive exercises and listening drills

Chinese Reading and Writing

Carefully picked characters based on their frequency in Chinese and their places in Mandarin Express series

Numerous illustrations to show how to use these characters in combinations, sentences and narratives

Each character introduced is in connection with, and only in connection with, the characters already presented

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