Chinese Reading and Writing 2

About This Book

This book introduces 50 new frequently used characters, as well as many illustrations on how to use them. Through these new characters and the improved reading and writing abilities they bring, students will find learning characters is a very powerful tool to improve their general understanding of Chinese. At the end of this book, they will be able to read more expressive texts, and use a total of 120 Chinese characters to write their own short stories and conversations.

Same as Chinese Reading and Writing 1, these 50 characters are also based on Mandarin Express series, and adjusted by Chinese character occurrence frequency list.


ISBN: 978-988-13831-1-2
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication time: 2014
Pages: 29


Book Aims

  • 50 new basic Chinese characters
  • Expanded vocabularies built with 120 basic Chinese characters
  • Short paragraphs and conversations
Stage: Foundation
Duration: 20 class hours

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