Chinese Reading and Writing 1

About This Book

This book is the first step for non-Chinese students to learn Chinese reading and writing. We recommend students start this book after they complete Mandarin Express Intro Level A.

This book introduces 70 characters, which are carefully selected based on their places in Chinese character occurrence frequency list and their places in Mandarin Express series. From stroke names to short Chinese texts, this book leads students on a path to gain essential knowledge on reading and writing Chinese.

The first section prepares students to be familiar with basic elements of Chinese characters and show them how different characters can be combined and become amazing new words and expressions. Each of the subsequent lessons teaches a small number of characters and how these characters can be used into meaningful Chinese texts. In the review section, students have opportunities to make good use of all 70 characters. Single Chinese characters can be static, 70 characters can be very expressive!  This is definitely a case to prove "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

Within a few pages, students see the potential of learning Chinese characters, and enjoy a sense of achievement that only reading and writing Chinese can bring. These first 70 characters truly open up a new world for students to discover and explore.


ISBN: 978-988-13831-0-5
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication time: 2014
Pages: 18

Book Aims

  • Chinese character strokes and stroke orders
  • 70 basic Chinese characters
  • Simple sentences and conversations
Stage: Foundation
Duration: 15 class hours

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