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About This Book

This book is the second book of Mandarin Express Basic Level. It also focuses on ten important topics, covered in ten lessons. There are two reviews for every five lessons for students to go over what they have learned and learn something new.

If students have finished Chinese Reading and Writing 3 & 4, their knowledge of the 220 Chinese characters will be immensely helpful in this book. When some similar pinyin appears, they will be able to look into the characters for distinctions without feeling overwhelmed.

Mandarin Express Basic Level B brings the students adequate sentence patterns, words and phrases to further their ability to express themselves and to navigate in real life. This book strengthens students' knowledge, and lift up students' confidence in speaking Mandarin greatly.


ISBN: 978-988-13662-6-9
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication time: 2014
Pages: 73
Audio: 1 CD (36 min)
Price: HKD370


Book Aims

  • Focus on ten more important topics
  • Carry on close to real life conversations
  • Enhance students' overall comprehension
Stage: Foundation
Duration: 32 class hours

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