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Learning Chinese
Well Organised

To be with yourself. To reflect.
To achieve.

Learning Chinese Well Organised is a journal and a tool to inspire, and to help, learners of Chinese to find time and space for their study in the midst of all kinds of distractions in a digitised world. 

Nowadays, we are all excessively dependent on our smartphones. The whole world knows it and they all want our attention. Notifications flash across from the screen every a couple of minutes. We are all distracted, constantly.  

This is precisely the reason that a journal printed on physical paper can help learners of Chinese stay focused, help them with time management, inspire them, get them to keep in mind their general goal while completing each of small tasks, and to keep track of their Chinese learning progress.

Technologies have brought huge advantages and changes to how Chinese is learnt and taught. However, no technology can substitute for the act of people sitting down and doing some writing exercises. 

Learning Chinese Well Organised is such a tool, getting learners of Chinese to find some tech-free moments, to be with themselves, to reflect, and to achieve.

Know where you are

Understand your ability, and start learning Chinese at the most appropriate level.

Know where you are going

Set an achievable goal, and appreciate what the expected learning outcome is.

Know how to get there

Have plenty ideas for learning Chinese, and use these ideas to devise actionable steps.

Follow the plan

Implement your ideas, and keep track of your learning progress until you reach your goal.

Inside the Journal

  • Books and expected learning outcomes
  • Ideas for learning Chinese
  • Weekly journal x 8
  • Daily journal x 56
  • Extra pages for notes and practices
  • End of journal reflection

Publication Details

  • ISBN: 978-988-13832-0-4
  • Designed by: Zhang Xuehong
  • Published by: MSL Master
  • Publication time: 2020
  • Published in: Hong Kong
  • Pages: 148
Motivation gets you started.

Habits keeps you going.