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Give a new dimension to your Chinese study

Chinese Learning Pen is an addition to the Chinese Reading and Writing series. It is a digital device which can bring out high quality audio output from the textbooks, giving an added dimension to the printing materials.

It is included in the Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack and the The Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kit.

Chinese Learning Pen

Chinese Learning Pen at a glance


Play any part of the texts in the textbook at will and at ease


Understand particular issues with built in supporting teacher’s notes


Learn Chinese faster with high quality native Chinese voicing

The perfect tool for learning Chinese characters

When starting to learn how to read and write Chinese, it is always a challenge for students to learn how to pronounce the characters because Chinese characters do not spell out their pronunciations as English words do.

To help students learn how to pronounce Chinese characters, many books add an additional line of pinyin script next to the characters. Students read pinyin to learn the sounds of characters. It helps some, but also creates some problems. 

Pinyin is an approximation of how Chinese characters are pronounced. It works the best when individual characters are introduced. When characters are standing alone, we can read them aloud in their full, complete sounds as spelled out by pinyin. When characters are used in sentences and narratives, their pronunciations are often influenced by surrounding characters and go through subtle changes, both in tones and sounds. Pinyin can not reflect these subtle changes.

Recognising the limitation of pinyin, we believe that the best way for students to learn how to pronounce Chinese characters, not only when characters are standing alone but also when they are in connection with other characters, is to have students exposed to the native Chinese voicing when they are seeing the characters.  

Chinese Learning Pen is such a perfect tool to help students quickly establish the connections between the sounds of Chinese characters and the visual images. With a touch of the Pen, students can listen to any part of the text at will and at ease, and train their ears to adapt to the subtle variations when native Chinese speakers are speaking. 

MSL Master is always looking for new ways to improve the learning environment of Chinese learners. And we were excited when we discovered a special technology which works with traditional paper books and gives ordinary book pages additional sound features. 

With the help of this wonderful technology, we’re able to reproduce the Chinese Reading and Writing books with high quality sound integrated into the pages. This new feature helps students accelerate their Chinese character recognitions, improve their listening abilities, and boost their Chinese pronunciations. 

Chinese Learning Pen helps students make tremendous progress rapidly.

What's special

Chinese Learning Pen is a small device which can be easily carried. Its well-designed body offers a firm grip.

Powerful Sound

Both built-in speaker and headphone jack are available.

Long Battery Life

When fully charged, the Pen can stay on for up to five hours.

Chinese Learning Pen User Guide & Warranty

Got your Chinese Learning Pen? Great! 

Now take a look at the Chinese Learning Pen User Guide and know how to get started, how to control the audio, and how to protect it from damages.

We offer a one-year limited warranty on Chinese Learning Pen.

Your used Chinese Learning Pen still has a high value. Trade it in for HKD200 cash or credit that can be used to purchase other materials on our catalogue.

Get the most out of your Chinese Learning Pen

Chinese Learning Pen

Chinese Learning Pen gives wings!

Chinese Learning Pen is a great tool to have when learning the Chinese Reading and Writing series. Understand how the Pen enables students learn better and achieve more.

Chinese Learning Pen

Heed the fifth language skill in learning Chinese

In addition to listening, speaking, reading and writing, there is the fifth Chinese language skill students must develop, and the early the better.

Chinese writing textbooks

Advantages of paper textbooks

Traditional paper textbooks have some great advantages we love so dearly. And we’re excited that Chinese Learning Pen can enhance them further. 

Use technology to enhance your study