Chinese Learning Pen 
Value Pack

Chinese Learning Pen and Chinese Reading and Writing 1 enhanced edition

Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack includes

  • 1 x Chinese Learning Pen
  • 1 x Chinese Reading and Writing 1 (Enhanced Edition 2020)
  • 1 x Chinese Reading and Writing 2 (Enhanced Edition 2020)

Lessons, books and audios, everything you need is right here.

This value pack is the perfect starter kit for non-Chinese speaking students to start learning how to read and write Chinese, not just individual characters, but to read and write interesting conversations and stories. 

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 & 2 are content rich and exercise rich textbooks. Starting from strokes and stroke orders, these two books teach 120 Chinese characters, 316 words and expressions, and 10 grammar points. The exercise sections include a total of 312 sentences, 25 conversations and 10 narratives. Moreover, online courses are available for these two textbooks. Students can either watch them here or scan the QR codes which are imbedded on the book pages.  

Chinese Learning Pen is the perfect tool for studying Chinese Reading and Writing textbooks. It adds an interactive dimension to the textbooks, and will greatly enhance students’ learning outcomes. Students can play any part of the text accurately and at ease, and also listen to teacher’s explanations on particular issues.

Watch this explainer video

Learning pace & support

If you spend three to four hours per week on learning, you’ll need approximately six to nine weeks to complete the value pack. 

These essential no-nonsense trainings on these first 120 characters will equip you with fundamental knowledge of how Chinese characters function in the text, and open a path for you to build solid Chinese reading and writing skills efficiently and effectively. 

Moreover, worksheets are available for additional practices. Regular online tutoring sessions are available for Q&A and progress feedback.


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