Chinese Reading and Writing 3

Enhanced Edition

New Features

  • Scan QR codes inside the pages to watch supporting online Chinese lessons

  • Support the use of Chinese Learning Pen for high quality audio output

About This Book

The Enhanced Edition (2020) of Chinese Reading and Writing 3 teaches 50 new Chinese characters (two of them are special ones), 179 words and combinations, and 14 grammar points. These 50 characters are are selected because of their high occurrence frequency in Chinese language and their high-ranking places in Mandarin Express series.

The exercise sections of the book include 242 sentences, 13 conversations and 6 narratives. Comparing to the previous two books, the readings are visibly longer, especially the one in Review 3, covering nearly the entire page!

21 online lessons are available for this book, allowing students to study Chinese at home. These online lessons teach how to read and write characters, their meanings, words, and give clear explanations for important grammar points. These online lessons can be accessed by scanning the QR codes imbedded on the pages or be watched directly here.

This book is also supported with the use of Chinese Learning Pen, which is the perfect tool for students to associate the form of a character with its readings, and for them to improve their pronunciations quickly.

On completing this book, students will have learned 170 Chinese characters, hundreds of words and combinations, very useful grammar points. They will reach a new level on their abilities to read and write Chinese, and appreciate the fact that words are at the centre of their Chinese study, and the ability of knowing where to draw word boundaries in a given Chinese text is essential and also a prerequisite for correctly understanding the meanings of any given characters. 

Structure of the book

This book includes:

  • Five Lesson Chapters: Lesson 11 to Lesson 15
  • One Review Chapter: Review 3
  • Book 1-3 Total Character Count
  • Stroke Order Chart

The structure of the book follows the pattern of Awareness - Expansion - Practice - Consolidation,  which has proved to be very effective to learn how to read and write Chinese while placing learning individual characters as the first step. 

The stroke order chart at the end of the book is for references only. Whether or not following these particular orders is not the most critical thing to learn Chinese. Read more about this topic here.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-988-13831-2-9

Author: Zhang Xuehong

Edition: Enhanced Edition

Publication time: 2020

Pages: 34

Chinese Reading and Writing 3 enhanced edition

Book Aims

  • Study 50 most frequently used Chinese characters

  • Expand words and phrases using 170 Chinese characters

  • Read and write longer paragraphs and conversations in Chinese

Stage: Foundation
Duration: 20 class hours

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