Chinese Reading and Writing 5

Enhanced Edition

New Features

  • Scan QR codes and watch 18 supporting online animated video lessons

  • Use Chinese Learning Pen to listen to audios recorded by native Chinese speakers

About This Book


This is the fifth book in the Chinese Reading and Writing series, presenting 50 new Chinese characters and how to use them in sentences. These characters are among the most frequently used ones in Chinese language. Two of the new characters are special Chinese characters which have two different readings. Four characters which appeared earlier in the series are re-introduced for their second pronunciations and usages. 

250 new words and combinations are introduced in this book. Five important grammar points are presented, including how to use 才 as a grammatical particle and 把 sentence. In the exercise sections, this book includes a total of 347 sentences and 12 long stories, the longest stories in the series. 

18 online animated video lessons are produced for this book, demonstrating how to read and write characters, explaining the meanings of words and combinations, and clearing up difficult grammar points. Watch all the lessons here, or scan the QR codes inside pages.

This book also supports the use of Chinese Learning Pen, which enables students to listen to any part of the text in the book at will and at ease. All audios are recorded by native Chinese speakers, and are of great help in improving characters recognition and pronunciation. 

On completing the book, students will have studied 270 Chinese characters, and have gone through sufficient and level appropriate exercises. They will have read and written lengthier and more interesting narratives, and will have enjoyed satisfactions which are brought by reading genuine stories written in Chinese. 

Structure of the book

This book includes:

  • Five Lesson Chapters: Lesson 21 to Lesson 25
  • One Review Chapter: Review 5
  • Book 1-5 Total Character Count
  • Stroke Order Chart

The structure of the book follows the pattern of Awareness - Expansion - Practice - Consolidation,  which has proved to be very effective to learn how to read and write Chinese while placing learning individual characters as the first step. 

The stroke order chart at the end of the book is for references only. Whether or not following these particular orders is not the most critical thing to learn Chinese. Read more about this topic here.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-988-13831-4-3

Author: Zhang Xuehong

Edition: Enhanced Edition

Publication time: 2020

Pages: 42

Chinese Reading and Writing 5 enhanced edition

Book Aims

  • Learn 50 Chinese characters and how to use them in sentences

  • Study words and combinations built with a total of 270 Chinese characters

  • Use page long stories to improve Chinese reading and writing skills

Stage: Foundation
Duration: 25 class hours

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