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MSL Master products at a glance

Learning solutions for teachers and learners of Chinese.

The Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kit

This Course Kit includes the entire Chinese Reading and Writing series (Enhanced Edition), 112 video lessons, and the full recordings done by native Chinese speakers. Learning to read and write Chinese is reinvented!

Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack

The Value Pack includes the first two levels of the Chinese Reading and Writing series, 37 video lessons, and accompanied native Chinese recordings. It’s the perfect starter kit for students to start learning how to read and write Chinese.

Chinese Reading and Writing series

The complete series includes six books, introducing 320 Chinese characters and combinations formed by these 320 characters. Students get sufficient Chinese texts, such as conversations and narratives, as exercises to build concrete skills in reading and writing Chinese.

This series is supported by online video lessons and Chinese Learning Pen. Supplementary worksheets (PDF) are also available for additional practices. 

Mandarin Express series

This is a communication based series of Chinese textbooks, providing four levels of comprehensive instruction ranging from daily activities to world issues. It focuses on practical task-based learning with a wide variety of text presentations. Targeted words and structures are re-enforced through interactive exercises and adequate listening drills. 

Teacher’s Manual

Chinese Reading and Writing series and the first three levels of Mandarin Express series come with complementary Teacher’s Manual (Trial Version) for teachers, helping them bring in adequate exercises, diverse roles and structures to the class, and create a good learning environment for students both inside and outside of classroom.


Mandarin Audio Lessons

Learning by listening is a great way for beginner students to learn Mandarin Chinese, to improve their pronunciations, and to develop their listening skills. When used together with the textbooks, these audio lessons will enable students to make outstanding progress.

Chinese Video Lessons

A series of animated video lessons are produced based on the Chinese Reading and Writing series, making it easier to learn Chinese remotely. These lessons can be accessed by scanning the QR codes imbedded on the pages or be watched directly at our website.

There is also a series of video lessons that teach some must known Classical Chinese, selected from the rich 4000 plus Chinese literary history.

Learning Chinese Well Organised

Technologies are important to learn Chinese, but no technology can substitute the act of people sitting down and doing some writing exercises. Learning Chinese Well Organised, the latest addition to our portfolio, is a journal and tool to help students find some tech-free moments for their Chinese study in the midst of all kinds of distractions in this digitised world. 

Easy-to-Read Chinese Short Stories Series

This is one of a kind series that is written for Chinese learners and by Chinese learners, selected from best entries in our annual Chinese Writing Contest, which Chinese learners are invited to show their creativity and write something using only 320 characters.

Printable Posters

It always helps to reflect on the meanings of learning Chinese. With the help of these printable posters, it might be easy to decide whether learning Chinese is fun, boring, useless, inspiring, or something entirely different.

Printable Chinese Character Posters

Chinese characters are pure art. For thousands of years, Chinese people have used calligraphy writings to decorate their walls. These beautiful printable Chinese character posters are made for this purpose.

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