Chinese Reading and Writing 6

Enhanced Edition

New Features

  • QR codes added for the easy access to 17 online animated video lessons

  • Chinese Learning Pen supported for the easy access of native Chinese voicing

About This Book

This is the sixth book, and the last one, in the Chinese Reading and Writing series, teaching 50 new Chinese characters, and how to use them in words and combinations, sentences and paragraphs. Seven of the new characters are special ones with two pronunciations. 

325 new words and combinations are introduced in the book, as well as one important grammar point (the 被 sentence), how to express passive voice in Chinese. In the exercise sections, there are 337 sentences and 12 entertaining readings. Besides stories, other types of narratives are included. This represents an impressive progress in students’ Chinese reading and writing abilities. 

17 online video lessons are available for this book, demonstrating how to read and write Chinese characters, teaching the meanings of words and combinations, and showing how to determine the pronunciation of a special character, how to pick out the right combination, and how to understand the exact meaning of a character or a word in sentences. These online lessons are available here, or scan the QR codes inside book pages. 

This book also supports the use of Chinese Learning Pen, which is a digital tool for students to listen to any part of the text in the book. Native Chinese audio recordings are very helpful for students to improve Chinese character recognition and their pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese. 

This book will bring the total Chinese character count to 320. The character occurring frequency of these 320 characters well exceeds 60% of total Chinese character occurring frequency. On completing this book, students will be ready to embark on their next stage of learning - the Development stage, to start learning a large number of new characters rapidly.

Structure of the book

This book includes:

  • Five Lesson Chapters: Lesson 26 to Lesson 30
  • One Review Chapter: Review 6
  • Book 1-6 Total Character Count
  • Stroke Order Chart

The structure of the book follows the pattern of Awareness - Expansion - Practice - Consolidation,  which has proved to be very effective to learn how to read and write Chinese while placing learning individual characters as the first step. 

The stroke order chart at the end of the book is for references only. Whether or not following these particular orders is not the most critical thing to learn Chinese. Read more about this topic here.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-988-13831-5-0

Author: Zhang Xuehong

Edition: Enhanced Edition

Publication time: 2021

Pages: 41

Chinese Reading and Writing 6 enhanced edition

Book Aims

  • Study 50 new Chinese characters and 325 words and combinations

  • Comprehend interesting and entertaining readings

  • Reach a milestone in your Chinese study

Stage: Foundation
Duration: 25 class hours


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