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Chinese Course -
Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level A

Course Aims

  • Build up a critical amount of Chinese characters and words quickly
  • Rapidly improve Mandarin proficiency in both spoken and written communications
  • Develop students' acute listening skills with targeted exercises

Course Description

Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level A is an integrated Chinese course that enables students to rapidly expand their knowledge of Chinese characters, to quickly build up their words and combinations, and to start cultivate their presentation skills in Chinese.

Course Duration

80 - 100 class hours

How Does It Work

This Chinese course starts the Development Stage of students’ Chinese study. 

During the early stages of study, students have developed good conversational skills through Mandarin Express Intro and Basic Levels, and have gone through extensive trainings on reading and writing Chinese through the Chinese Reading and Writing series. It’s time for a new beginning.

This course is topic based, using ten advanced topics, such as important life events, technology and media, to draw students' attention to matters related to them the most and opening up the path for them to accumulate Chinese characters and to build up their word banks quickly.

Texts presented are short and written in a casual style. A clear break is in place from section to section. Discussions and written exercises are arranged throughout the class. 

Special sections are designed to give students opportunities to review what they have learned before, and to apply their newly learned knowledge into practical communications and presentations in Chinese. 

Sufficient listening exercises in various forms are provided for students to train their listening skills. 

This course is challenging and rewarding. On completing the course, students will have taken a major step towards Chinese proficiency.

Evaluation of Progress

Presentations in Chinese on various topics are served as the main assessment. Students are expected to present on every chapter.

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