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Chinese Course -
Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B

Course Aims

  • Accumulate sufficient Chinese characters and words through ten advanced topics
  • Practice Chinese writing and present ideas in clear language
  • Improve Mandarin listening skills with longer articles similar to real world media

Course Description

This course is an integrated Chinese course that offers hotly debated social and political issues for discussions, provides extensive trainings on effective communications in Chinese in both oral and written forms, and invites students to present their ideas and opinions. 

Course Duration

80 - 100 class hours

How Does It Work

Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B covers ten advanced topics, such as health, pollution, crime, economy, and so on. The topics selected explicitly invite students to think in multiple angles. Their contribution and analysis are at the heart of class activities. 

This course helps students sharpen their language skills by building up sufficient Chinese characters, structures and words, and by practicing listening and speaking Chinese extensively. 

Moreover, students are encouraged to think analytically and critically. They will analyse social or political phenomena, present their ideas, and engage in in-depth discussions.

Compare to previous courses, Chinese texts in this course are getting longer, and the structures more complex. Listening exercises are also longer and share similarities with the real world media. The speed of these listening exercises is of native Chinese speakers’. 

On completing this Chinese course, students will make outstanding progress in both their Chinese study and their ability in using Chinese as a necessary and powerful tool to gain and to convey meanings and insights. 

Evaluation of Progress

Presentations in Chinese on various topics are served as the main assessment. Students are expected to present on every chapter.

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