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This is the last book in the Mandarin Express series, featuring a nice selection of must-read classical Chinese texts and highly influential modern vernacular Chinese texts ranging from 2100 BCE to 1950s CE, including poetries, essays, journal articles, novels and philosophies. This anthology covers a time span of nearly 4000 years and is truly the essence of what learning Mandarin can offer. 

The structure of the book consists of four units with each centring around a major theme, including classical Chinese literature, classical Chinese philosophy, modern Chinese literature and modern Chinese philosophy. Each unit presents multiple famous Chinese texts which have had a deep impact on Chinese society, even until today. One supplementary section is included in each unit to provide additional knowledge related to Chinese language. 

The approach of the book is to have students fully involved in their learning, searching for the social and political background of the readings, and sharing their interpretations and insights. 

On completing the book, students will have participated in important debates, get a real grasp of Chinese language as a means of carrying cultural, social and political beliefs throughout the history, and develop an acute sense of cultural literacy.


ISBN: 978-988-13831-7-4
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication time: 2015
Pages: 142


Book Aims

  • Build up Chinese cultural knowledge with must-read Chinese texts

  • Discuss social and political events throughout Chinese history

  • Investigate the historical background and present additional pieces for further discussions

Chinese Textbook
Stage: Acculturation
Duration: 120 class hours

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