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Mandarin Express

Basic Level A

Work Book

Book Aims

  • Develop Mandarin language skills using various exercises

  • Improve communication clarity with newly learned vocabularies and structures

  • Strengthen Mandarin listening ability in overall Chinese comprehension

About This Book

This book is to be used together with Mandarin Express Basic Level A Student’s Book. It is for students to practice words, phrases and important sentence structures taught in the Student’s Book, as well as to recap the words and structures appeared in the Intro Level.

Following the layout of the Student’s Book, this Work Book gives ten exercises for each lesson and ten for each review, a significant amount of interesting and engaging tasks to sharpen students' Mandarin language skills. Targeted words, phrases and patterns appear repeatedly in numerous sentences, paragraphs, conversations and readings. 

Exercises in this book are diverse, interesting and stimulating, and thus ensure a great Chinese learning outcome. 

One key feature of this Work Book is that 50% of exercises are listening exercises, which are necessary and critical for students to improve their listening comprehension. All listening materials are recorded by native-Mandarin speakers.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-988-13662-5-2
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Edition: 2nd Edition Updated Version 2020
Pages: 98
Audio: 2 CDs (82 min)

Chinese Work Book
Stage: Foundation

How to Use This Book

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