When you speak Mandarin, people listen

Communicate in Mandarin effortlessly. Whether it’s socialising, requesting information, presenting an argument, discussing an issue, explaining a situation, criticising a social ill, or suggesting a solution, our Mandarin Chinese courses are designed to make sure that happens. 

At our Mandarin lessons, students learn Mandarin right to start, understand Chinese grammar correctly from the beginning, tune their pronunciation efficiently, and get adequate listening and speaking exercises they need.

All Mandarin classes are for adults, and are taught by April Zhang, a well-reputed Chinese teacher, who is also the author of two series of Chinese textbooks and many articles on Chinese teaching and learning. Her Mandarin lessons are well targeted, and the entire self-contained curriculum transforms the students from total beginners into fluent Mandarin speakers with substantial cultural knowledge.

Students have options of either taking private Mandarin lessons or joining a group class. Private lessons offer flexibility, and a group class is the right place to meet likeminded and highly motivated people who share the same interests.

Mandarin Chinese Courses at a Glance

Intensive Mandarin Program

An integrated beginner’s Mandarin program for non-Chinese speakers. This program helps students get started quickly on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Chinese course

Mandarin Express Intro Level A

A beginner’s Mandarin course for non-Chinese speakers. Starting from pinyin, this course helps students build up conversational abilities quickly.

Chinese course

Mandarin Express Intro Level B

A higher beginner’s Mandarin course. Students learn essential words and important structures and improve their conversational abilities.

Chinese course

Mandarin Express Basic Level A

This Mandarin course improves students’ conversational abilities around ten popular topics, and helps them develop overall Chinese comprehension.

Chinese course

Mandarin Express Basic Level B

This course helps students speak Mandarin with confidence, and improves their language skills with many class activities and sufficient listening exercises.

Mandarin course

Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level A

This high level course improves students' Mandarin proficiency in both spoken and written communications, a huge step towards Chinese proficiency.

Mandarin course

Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B

This is a higher level Mandarin course, addressing more controversial issues. Students’s contribution and ideas are at the heart of class activities.

high level Mandarin course

Mandarin Express Intermediate Level A

An advanced Mandarin course. Students practice reading long Chinese texts, giving mini lectures, and watching authentic Chinese video clips.

high level Chinese course

Mandarin Express Intermediate Level B

A super advanced Mandarin course. Students study famous Chinese texts ranging from 2100 BCE to 1950s CE, and gain insights into Chinese language and culture.

Chinese writing course

Chinese Reading and Writing 1

A beginner’s Chinese writing course for non-Chinese speakers. This course teaches how to read and write Chinese texts with 70 characters.

Chinese writing course

Chinese Reading and Writing 2

The second Chinese writing course. It teaches non-Chinese speaking students how to read and write Chinese texts with 120 characters. 

Chinese writing course

Chinese Reading and Writing 3

The third Chinese writing course. Students practice reading and writing longer and more expressive Chinese texts with 170 characters.

Chinese writing course

Chinese Reading and Writing 4

The fourth Chinese writing course. Students develop their Chinese reading and writing abilities with 220 the most frequently used Chinese characters.

Chinese writing course 5

Chinese Reading and Writing 5

The fifth Chinese writing course. Students practice reading and writing long and engaging Chinese texts with 270 Chinese characters.

Chinese course

Chinese Reading and Writing 6

The sixth Chinese writing course. Students get sufficient training with a more diverse Chinese text comprised of 320 Chinese characters.

Survival Chinese Course

Survival Chinese Course

Get some insightful cultural orientation and be equipped with essential phrases with our short-term survival Chinese course. 

WeChat Chinese course

WeChat Social Media Chinese Course

By using articles published in WeChat, this Chinese course offers great opportunities for high level students to learn Chinese and to understand China. 

Finance Chinese course

Finance Chinese Course

This Chinese course helps financial experts improve their Chinese proficiency and maximise their career opportunities.

Private Lessons

Learn Mandarin Chinese by taking 1:1 private lessons, or 1:2. Private lessons offer you flexibility and you can learn at your own pace. 

Small Group Classes

New group classes start regularly. Check out the schedule here and find out if the Chinese course in which you are interested is starting soon.

Free online video Chinese lessons

Free Online Video Lessons

Learn how to read and write Chinese with free online video lessons, presented by Chinese teacher April Zhang. 

Starting with strokes and stroke orders, she will gradually publish a series of video lessons based on her Chinese Reading and Writing series, teaching you a total of 320 most frequently used Chinese characters and how to read and write Chinese texts using these characters.

These animated explainer videos feature a handwritten style which can be emulated with a pen or a pencil, and has a different look and feel from the printed fonts. 

How we can help you achieve great success in learning Chinese

The approach to Chinese courses

The final outcome best defines the right approach. That’s how we use our knowledge and insights to define our approach to teaching and learning Chinese.

How adult students achieve great learning results

We are very aware of our students’ age and their process of learning. This is why we are able to help them bring out outstanding results when learning Chinese.

How teachers manage themselves in Chinese classes

A good Chinese teacher has more jobs to do than just teaching. A good Chinese teacher knows how to use different structures to facilitate students to reach their goals.

Learning Chinese is also to learn how to deal with mistakes

When learning Chinese, mistakes are unavoidable. At MSL Master, we understand why mistakes occur, and we know how to help students to address them effectively.

Students’ needs and the vertical depth of learning Chinese

We appreciate the complexity involved in learning Chinese, and our Chinese courses are structured to reflect that complexity, guiding students to perceive the gradual changes in the texture of the Chinese language as they progress.

How students get the most out of their Chinese class time

We encourage students to be active learners during their Chinese classes. We invite students to contribute to their learning and to help their Chinese teacher to better help them.

April Zhang and Her Students

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