How to self-study Chinese characters and go beyond

Self-study Chinese characters has always been a viable solution for Chinese language learners. While learning individual characters can be fun, it is not so easy to read and write Chinese texts, even though it is a much more rewarding experience for students who are able to do so.

At MSL Master, we have produced six levels of animated Chinese video courses and corresponding Chinese textbooks to help students not only learn Chinese characters but also develop sound Chinese reading and writing skills.

Basic information about animated Chinese video courses

These six video courses consist of a total of 112 pre-recorded video lessons. In each video lesson, English is used to explain the meanings of characters, words, structures, and to give instructions. 

All video courses are supported by Chinese Reading and Writing textbooks.

These six Chinese video courses are:

This video course is for beginner students who have zero training in Chinese characters. From strokes and stroke orders, this course teaches them 70 Chinese characters, and 158 words and combinations.

This is the second video course in the series. Building up from the 70 characters taught previously, this course introduces 50 new Chinese characters, 166 words and combinations, and 10 grammar points. 

This is the third video course in the series. Expanding on the 120 characters taught previously, this course presents 50 new Chinese characters, 179 words and combinations, and 14 grammar points. 

This is the fourth video course in the series. Adding to the 170 characters taught previously, this course explains 50 new Chinese characters, 221 words and combinations, and 4 grammar points.

This is the fifth video course in the series. On top of the 220 characters taught previously, this course illustrates 50 new Chinese characters, 250 words and combinations, and 5 grammar points. 

This is the last video course in the series. This course will grow students’ knowledge of Chinese to 320 Chinese characters, an astounding amount of 1299 words and combinations, and 34 grammar points!

Self-study routine

Chinese characters are relatively easy to learn, but Chinese reading skill is a difficult one to acquire. 

Students are recommended to follow this self-study routine and complete each section thoroughly:

  1. Start a lesson in the book.
  2. Watch the video on characters, and learn how to read and write new characters.
  3. Practice reading and writing these new characters until they become familiar.
  4. Watch the video on words and combinations, and learn the meanings of words and combinations.
  5. Practice reading and writing these words and combinations until they become familiar.
  6. Watch the video on grammar, if there are any in the lesson.
  7. Watch the video on practice.
  8. Practice reading and writing all the exercises of that lesson in the textbook.
  9. Complete the end of chapter challenge presented in the previous video.
  10. Start the next lesson in the book.

Chinese Learning Pen

Chinese Learning Pen contains all the audios of the textbooks. This technology allows students to play any part of the texts at ease and at will.

The chief function of the audios is to connect the sounds of characters with their forms. It’s also super beneficial for students to be exposed to standard natural speeches.

Further practice reading and writing Chinese

To support students’ study, worksheets are produced for students to do additional Chinese reading and writing exercises. Some exercises target words, while others target sentences and paragraphs.

Learning support

If there are any questions, students can sign up for an online tutoring session. Questions can be answered, and students will get feedback on their progress.

The expected result

On completing these six Chinese reading and writing courses, students will have the knowledge of 320 unique Chinese characters, 1299 words and combinations, and 34 grammar points. 

Most impressively, students will have completed extensive training on reading Chinese texts, which include 1455 sentences, 52 conversations, and 46 narratives. That is a solid foundation for future studies. 

Chinese Reading and Writing textbooks, Worksheets, and Chinese Learning Pen can be ordered here.


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