Chinese Course -
Mandarin Express Intro Level A

Course Aims

  • Learn essential words and sentence structures introduced in pinyin
  • Develop conversational abilities around daily social topics
  • Build up listening abilities and discern unique Mandarin sounds

Course Description

This is a beginner’s Mandarin Chinese course, for non-Chinese speakers, who have no prior knowledge of Chinese, to quickly and effectively build up their listening and speaking abilities around ten fundamental topics, so that they can start speaking Mandarin from lesson one. 

The learning medium of this course is pinyin, which is a widely used Romanisation system of Mandarin sounds. Students are not required to study any Chinese characters. Beginner students learn how to read and write Chinese texts in separate courses, using the Chinese Reading and Writing series.

Mandarin Express Intro Level A is an introductory course, focusing on listening and speaking Mandarin. Starting from the unique Mandarin sounds and some basic concepts, students learn essential words and structures, presented in a conversational context. On completing the course, students will be able to introduce themselves in Mandarin, to ask directions around the town, to talk about their daily activities, to discuss appointments, and so on. 

This Chinese course is full of interactive and communicative class activities. Students have adequate opportunities to speak Mandarin with each other and with the teacher. Exchanges in Mandarin is encouraged, and special effort is made to keep English at its minimum. The pronunciation drills are done in an incremental manner and within targeted areas. Students will be able to gradually fine tone their pronunciations and to speak Mandarin naturally and confidently. 

Course materials include a separate Work Book, which is essential for Chinese languages trainings. The Work Book provides adequate exercises in various kinds for students to practice what they have learned in the Student’s Book, and it is particularly important for students to fully develop their nascent Mandarin listening abilities. 

During the classes and in the Work Book, students are exposed to very controlled listening exercises for the maximum benefits. All listening exercises are written within the framework of students’ knowledge, so that they can concentrate their energy and attention to become familiar with the uniqueness of Mandarin sounds, and train their Mandarin listening comprehension in words, sentences, short conversations and paragraphs.

Course Duration

  • 30 class hours

Mandarin Audio Lessons

12 audio lessons are available for this course. These audio lessons can be used to accelerate learning pace or as an effective self-study tool. Listen to sample lessons here.

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their performance of interacting with the teacher and with others during class activities, in aspects of language clarity, and willingness to participate.

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