Chinese Course -
Chinese Reading and Writing 1

Course Aims

  • Understand strokes and stroke orders of Chinese characters
  • Learn 70 most frequently used Chinese characters and their combinations
  • Build up initial ability in reading and writing short Chinese texts

Course Description

This is a beginner’s Chinese reading and writing course, designed for non-Chinese speakers, who have the knowledge of pinyin, to begin learning the Chinese writing system. It is also a powerful choice for heritage learners, who have great conversational abilities in Mandarin, but can not recognise many Chinese characters.

Learning Chinese characters is a must. Even though pinyin is acknowledged as a great tool to rapidly develop beginner students’ speaking and listening abilities, to use pinyin as the only means of learning Chinese can not be sustained, as the readability of pinyin is very poor. Students have to start learning Chinese characters in order to achieve the best learning outcome. And this Chinese course offers that opportunity for students to start small and to start slow, but quickly building up their Chinese reading and writing skills.

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 starts with character strokes and stroke orders, which, given enough practice, help students construct Chinese characters in a balanced way and enable them write Chinese fluently. However, throughout the entire course, the focus is always on practicing writing, not on the stroke orders. As long as students keep writing, they will make remarkable progress in writing Chinese characters, regardless whether or not they follow a pre-designated order. 

This Chinese writing course presents 70 most frequently used Chinese characters and their combinations, and teaches students how to read and write sentences, short conversations and paragraphs. Additional materials, also written within these 70 characters, are provided by the teacher for students to further practice Chinese reading and writing.

On completing this course, students will understand the potentiality of individual Chinese characters, the difference between characters and words, and enjoy a sense of achievement that only reading and writing Chinese can bring.

Course Duration

  • 15 class hours

Online Learning

Free online lessons are available for this Chinese course. Watch them here.

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their performance of reading and writing exercises over the entire course, in the aspects of their reading comprehension and their writing in clear and comprehensible Chinese.

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