Chinese Course -
Mandarin Express Basic Level A

Course Aims

  • Acquire important words and structures through theme based learning
  • Practice conversations in Mandarin about work and life
  • Develop Mandarin listening abilities with more elaborate Chinese texts

Course Description

This Mandarin Chinese course is designed for non-Chinese speakers, who have had around 60 - 100 hours of Mandarin lessons and who can carry on conversations in Mandarin on many social occasions. This course will bring them adequate vocabularies and structures, and take their communication abilities in Chinese to a substantial level. 

The learning medium of this course is pinyin, which is a Romanisation system of Chinese and is recognised worldwide. Students are not required to study any Chinese characters during the course. As the sentence structures remain short and simple, pinyin continues to be a viable solution to rapidly develop students’ Chinese conversational abilities. Having said that, students should recognise that it is considered an advantage if they have some knowledge of the Chinese writing system. Separate Chinese courses are offered for students to start learning Chinese reading and writing, using the Chinese Reading and Writing series. The advantages of learning speaking separately from learning writing are explained here. 

Mandarin Express Basic Level A focuses on listening and speaking Mandarin, and on developing students’ overall Chinese comprehension. This Chinese course provides important words and structures around ten topics, including daily work schedule, music, ordering in a Chinese restaurant, and so on. There are many fun and stimulating class activities, which aim to train students conversational abilities in Chinese. And for improving students’ overall Chinese comprehension, short and interesting readings are incorporated into the second half of the course.

Improving listening abilities is one of the main objectives of this Chinese course. This is a critical stage that, when the content is controlled, students are able to follow a native-speaker’s speed. 

To achieve this task, 50% of all exercises in the Work Book are tightly controlled listening exercises, which means that they contain close to zero new words. Each exercise targets a specific area, bringing students attention to words, sentences or paragraphs respectively. Going through these listening exercises will benefit students significantly.

Course Duration

  • 32 class hours

Mandarin Audio Lessons

12 audio lessons are available for this course. These audio lessons can be used to accelerate learning pace or as an effective self-study tool. Listen to sample lessons here.

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their performance of interacting with the teacher and with others in the class, in aspects of language usage, active participation, and willingness to help.

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