Course Structure of Mandarin Express Basic Level B

Course Aims

  • Expand vocabularies through theme based learning
  • Speak Mandarin with confidence during social interactions
  • Train Mandarin listening skills with heavily weighted listening exercises

Course Description

This is a Mandarin course for people who have had 90 -120 class hours of Mandarin lessons. Centred around ten important topics, such as brands, description of places, age group and sports, this course expands the scope of what students can express in simple and clear Mandarin, and helps them speak with confidence. Interviews and experience sharing are at the heart of class activities. Listening exercises are particularly weighted to facilitate the improvement of communications in Mandarin. Interesting stories are incorporated to develop students’ overall Chinese comprehension. 

Course Duration

  • 32 class hours

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their articulations of ideas and experiences, and their interactions with the teacher and with others in the class, in aspects of language usage, active participation, and willingness to help.

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