Chinese Course -
Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B

Course Aims

  • Accumulate sufficient Chinese characters and words through ten advanced topics
  • Practice Chinese writing and present ideas in clear language
  • Improve Mandarin listening skills with longer articles similar to real world media

Course Description

This course is an integrated Chinese course for people who have had extensive training on using Mandarin Chinese into effective communications in both oral and written form, but have not engaged in discussing hotly debated issues or expressing opinions on controversial topics, which are permeated in our society. Therefore, this Chinese course will bring a new perspective to students, that Mandarin Chinese is a necessary tool which conveys meanings bigger than itself. 

Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B covers ten advanced topics, such as health, pollution, crime and economy. This Chinese course helps students achieve two objectives simultaneously. 

Firstly, students are able to sharpen their language skills by building up sufficient Chinese characters, structures and words, and by practicing listening and speaking Mandarin as much as possible. 

Secondly, students exercise their soft skills of thinking analytically and critically, and contribute as one of the team players. Students are invited to analyse social phenomena, to present their thoughts and ideas in Mandarin, and to engage in lively debates with fellow students and the teacher. 

The Chinese texts in this course are gradually getting longer, and the structures are more complex. And the topics for discussions elicit students to think through in multiple angles. Students’ contribution and analysis are at the heart of class activities, and peer support is encouraged throughout the course. 

Along with the rising difficulties of the written texts, listening exercises are also becoming more challenging. In the Work Book provided for this Chinese course, a significant part of the listening exercises are longer articles, which have similarities with the real world media. And the speed of these listening exercises is at the speed of general native-Mandarin speakers. This is the last Work Book in the series. All Work Books have been indispensable, assisting students to learn Chinese by doing it. 

On completing this Chinese course, students will make outstanding progress in both their Chinese study and their ability in using Chinese as a powerful tool to convey meanings and insights.

Course Duration

  • 80 - 100 class hours

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their performance of presenting their ideas in both written and spoken form, and their interactions with others, including: 

  • Finish a writing assignment on completing each unit
  • Give a presentation based on the writing assignment

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