Course Structure of Mandarin Express Intermediate Level A

Course Aims

  • Grasp long Chinese articles written in a formal style
  • Give mini lectures and express perspectives based on additional research
  • Enhance Mandarin listening abilities with authentic video clips

Course Description

This is a high level Mandarin course for students to start reading long Chinese texts written in a formal style, covering Chinese history, business, science & technology, and life. Each reading begins with a few terms which require students to do self study, and ends up with a research assignment for in-depth presentation. Throughout the course, students are expected to explain words and terms, to argue for a certain perspective, and to articulate their thoughts. And all are done in clear Chinese. Effective communication in both written and spoken form is at the heart of class activities. Listening abilities are reinforced with authentic video clips available at the internet. Students are exposed to native Mandarin speakers, who speak with various accents and at different speeds.

Course Duration

  • 120 - 150 class hours

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their explanations of words and terms in clear Chinese, their understanding of the Chinese texts and the video clips, and their presentation of original researches.

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