Chinese Course -
Mandarin Express Intermediate Level A

Course Aims

  • Grasp long Chinese articles written in a formal style
  • Give mini lectures and express perspectives based on additional research
  • Enhance Mandarin listening abilities with authentic video clips

Course Description

This Chinese course is a high level course, featuring long Chinese articles and authentic Chinese video clips. On completing the course, students will be able to read Chinese newspapers and magazines, watching Chinese films and giving speeches in Chinese.

Chinese texts in this course are written in a formal style, covering four themes, including Chinese history, business, science & technology, and life. Each theme contains several long readings. And each reading begins with a few terms which require students to do self study, and ends up with a research assignment for students to do in-depth presentations. Therefore, students’s active participation of the class is essential. 

Effective communication in both written and spoken Chinese is at the heart of class activities. Throughout the course, students are expected to explain words and terms, to argue for a certain perspective, and to articulate their thoughts. And all are done in clear Chinese. 

On developing listening abilities, it is time for students to move away from the controlled listening exercises, and to use ever appearing new opportunities as their learning opportunities. Taxi drivers, restaurant waiters, Chinese customers, TV programs, and audio books, there is something to be learned in every encounter. Students’ exceptional Chinese listening abilities are mainly trained outside of classrooms. 

While in the classroom, students are exposed to various authentic Chinese video clips, which are available at the internet and selected by the teacher, for targeted practices. These video clips all feature native speakers, who speak with various accents and at different speeds. With the help of the teacher, students will be able to gradually adapt to different accents and speeds, to process the information quickly, and to learn new words and expressions along the way. 

This integrated Chinese course extends the textbook to the real world, and propels students to work hard to earn their amazing learning result.

Course Duration

  • 120 - 150 class hours

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their explanations of words and terms in clear Chinese, their understanding of the Chinese texts and the video clips, and their presentation of original researches.

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