Course Structure of Mandarin Express Intermediate Level B

Course Aims

  • Study classical Chinese texts
  • Read famous Chinese writings ranging from 2100 BCE to 1950s CE
  • Gain insights into Chinese language and culture

Course Description

This high level Mandarin course presents an invaluable opportunity for students to study must-read Chinese texts, including both classical and vernacular texts, ranging from 2100 BCE to 1950s CE. The selection covers famous Chinese poetries and essays, highly influential journal articles and novels, and timeless Chinese philosophies. Students are invited to research for the historical background of the authors and the readings, and are encouraged to read more of the same authors or of the same period of time. This course offers great insights into Chinese language, which has been evolving with history, and Chinese culture, on which other forces have made huge impacts, and shows the close relationship between the two. Additional Chinese videos on the internet are used to expand the scope of perspectives and to advance students listening abilities. 

Course Duration

  • 120 - 180 class hours

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their presentations of additional information about the authors and the historical background of the readings, and their analysis of the Chinese texts.

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