Course Structure of Chinese Reading and Writing 3

Course Aims

  • Study 50 most frequently used Chinese characters
  • Expand words and expressions made up of 170 Chinese characters
  • Practice reading and writing with longer and more expressive Chinese texts

Course Description

This course teaches students 50 new Chinese characters, accompanied with a fast increase of new words and structures made up of a total of 170 characters. These newly taught vocabularies expand the reach of students’ Chinese reading and writing abilities and enable them to read and write longer and more expressive Chinese texts. Class activities focus on additional reading and writing exercises, also written within these 170 Chinese characters, for students to improve reading comprehension, to practice writing simple and clear Chinese texts, and to gauge progress they have made.

Course Duration

  • 20 - 30 class hours

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their performance of reading and writing exercises over the entire course, in the aspects of their reading comprehension and their writing in clear and comprehensible Chinese.

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