Chinese Course -
Chinese Reading and Writing 4

Course Aims

  • Grasp 50 most frequently used Chinese characters
  • Increase the size of vocabularies comprised of 220 Chinese characters
  • Improve Chinese reading and writing abilities with lengthier and more complex texts

Course Description

This is the fourth Chinese writing course in the series, designed for non-Chinese speakers, to learn the Chinese writing system, in other words, to learn more than accumulating individual Chinese characters. This series of Chinese writing courses are also suitable for heritage learners and for those who have learned many individual Characters but have not gone through any serious training on how to use them coherently. 

These Chinese writing courses use the Chinese Reading and Writing series as the course materials. The entire series focuses on teaching a small number of Chinese characters and, the most importantly, on how to use these Chinese characters to the maximum benefits. For this reason, this series does not contain any pictures or any explanations on Chinese radicals. Even though it is fun to link some Chinese characters with objects or actions, it is not possible to link all the Chinese characters with some kind of images, and it is not necessary to do so either. For Chinese radicals, it is better for students to learn a sizeable Chinese characters first, followed by recognising some common Chinese characters. Learning radicals first before accumulating a substantial amount of knowledge of Chinese characters can cause over generalisations and lead to misconceptions which it will take years to get rid of. 

Therefore, as a continuation of the previous Chinese writing courses, Chinese Reading and Writing 4 introduces 50 new Chinese characters, and adds many new words and expressions to students’ knowledge base. Combined with the previously taught characters, students will have learned a total of 220 the most frequently used Chinese characters. Students learn and practice how to use these 220 characters to read and write lengthier, more complex and better Chinese texts. 

As students’ vocabulary expands considerably, reading and writing Chinese become more spontaneous. Moreover, the extensive exercises of reading and writing will produce a positive impact on students’ listening and speaking abilities. Not only do students read and write Chinese better, but also have better oral communications. 

Additional reading and writing exercises, written within these 220 Chinese characters, are provided by the teacher throughout the course. These exercises uses a variety of formats, training students on specific areas.  

On completing this course, students will have made an impressive progress in their Chinese study.

Course Duration

  • 20 - 30 class hours

Online Learning

Free online vidoe lessons are available for this course. Watch them here

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their performance of reading and writing exercises over the entire course, in the aspects of their reading comprehension and their writing in clear and comprehensible Chinese.

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