Chinese Course -
Chinese Reading and Writing 5

Course Aims

  • Study 50 frequently used Chinese characters
  • Learn new words, combinations and structures made up of 270 Chinese characters
  • Comprehend long Chinese texts and write more comprehensive stories

Course Description

This Chinese writing course is the fifth in the series, using the Chinese Reading and Writing series as the course materials to teach non-Chinese speakers the Chinese writing system. These courses are also suitable for heritage learners and for those who have learned many individual Chinese characters but have not gone through any serious trainings on how to use them coherently. There are many different ways to learn Chinese characters. The method adopted in this series of Chinese textbooks is the most efficient of them all. 

Once students have learned a sizeable Chinese characters, it will be easier for them to understand and to appreciate certain unique characteristics that only Chinese characters have, and these characteristics are the reasons that learning reading and writing are so fascinating.  These include the relationship between Chinese characters and images, Chinese radicals’ functions and the connections between radicals and Chinese characters, and the relationship between strokes, radicals and components. All these are fascinating topics that students are now able to explore. 

Following the previous Chinese writing courses, Chinese Reading and Writing 5 presents 50 new frequently used Chinese characters and an enlarged pool of words, combinations and sentence structures made up of 270 Chinese characters. The growth of students’ knowledge and abilities is exponential, which is reflected in the length of the Chinese texts. On a first glance, the length of the Chinese texts in this course is unprecedented and dazzling. However, as students start reading them, these texts appear quite an easy and interesting read. As the texts are long, it is possible to narrate full stories, and hence, the readings become more engaging. 

This Chinese writing course also includes additional reading and writing exercises, targeting the usage of words, sentence constructions, understanding of the texts, and etc.

On completing this course, students’ Chinese reading and writing abilities will be brought to a new level. 

Course Duration

  • 25 - 35 class hours

Online Learning

Free online lessons are available for this course. Watch them here.

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their performance of reading and writing exercises over the entire course, in the aspects of their reading comprehension and their writing in clear and comprehensible Chinese.

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