Finance Chinese Course

Course Aims

  • Improve Chinese proficiency by acquiring industry specific vocabularies
  • Become familiar with the formal business news style
  • Get the timely information of the finance market

Course Description

This Finance Chinese Course is ideal for non-Chinese speakers who have completed Mandarin Express Intermediate Level A, or equivalent, to further their Chinese study and to maximise the prospect of their careers.

Students are expected to be trained financial experts, who are already well versed in their own business. In other words, this Finance Chinese Course does not train people to become investment bankers, traders or asset managers. Rather, this course trains investment bankers, traders and asset managers to become fluent Mandarin Chinese speakers, so that they have the abilities to process information presented in the financial news media, to discuss business related topics and to communicate effectively in Chinese.

This Chinese course is structured around a few key financial newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal (Chinese version), the Financial Times (Chinese version), and the Caixin, which present the latest market developments and the breaking business & economic news in the worldwide financial markets. Class activities center around reading articles, watching videos, and discussing real time issues with fellow students. 

There are two objectives to be accomplished in this course. On one hand, students improve their Chinese proficiency by acquiring industry specific vocabularies, and becoming familiar with the formal business news style commonly seen in financial newspaper articles. On the other hand, students get the timely information which is directly related to their jobs. 

The most challenging aspect is to improving students’ listening abilities. With the help of the experienced teacher, students will be able to adapt to native Mandarin Chinese speakers, and to follow fast business report presented in Chinese. 

The training provided by this Finance Chinese Course is important for students to gain needed work related knowledge, to understand the Chinese financial markets, to communicate the insight, and to present in-depth analyses in fluent Chinese. And they will definitely have a competitive advantage on business related to China deals.

Course Duration

  • 18 class hours per module

Course Materials

  • Business news, articles, market analysis and videos from leading financial newspapers

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