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Chinese Reading and Writing 1

Enhanced Edition

Book Aims

  • Understand strokes and stroke orders

  • Learn 70 most frequently used Chinese characters

  • Write simple sentences and conversations in Chinese

About This Book

This book is the first step for non-Chinese speakers to learn how to read and write Chinese. From strokes, stroke orders to short Chinese texts, this book introduces 70 Chinese characters and how to use them in sentences and paragraphs.

The 70 characters selected are among the most frequently used Chinese characters, which are further screened based on their places in Mandarin Express series.

On completing this book, students will understand the potentiality of individual Chinese characters, the difference between characters and words, and enjoy a sense of achievement that only reading and writing Chinese can bring.

Structure of the book

This book includes:

  • One Preparation Chapter
  • Five Lesson Chapters: Lesson 1 - Lesson 5
  • One Review Chapter: Review 1
  • Stroke Order Chart

The preparation chapter introduces strokes and stroke orders, 15 most frequently used Chinese characters, and 32 words and expressions to demonstrate that characters can be combined to make new words. 

In the subsequent five lessons, each one teaches a small number of Chinese characters and gives plenty of illustrations to demonstrate how to use these characters in Chinese texts. 

The review section of the book gives opportunities for students to consolidate the usages of all 70 characters. 

A stroke order chart is attached at the end of the book for quick references.

The Enhanced Edition

Special Features:

  • Scan QR codes inside the pages to watch supporting online Chinese lessons
  • Support the use of Chinese Learning Pen for high quality audio output
  • Teacher’s notes are included for particular Chinese language points

The Enhanced Edition brings in an online learning mode into the book. There are 18 online video lessons, teaching students the content of the book and also providing some extra exercises. These online Chinese lessons are accessible by scanning the QR codes inside pages. 

The Enhanced Edition supports the use of Chinese Learning Pen. It is a digital device that can play any part of texts as students choose and can bring out high quality audio recordings from the pages.  

Moreover, particular language points are explained in teacher’s notes, which are accessible by using the Chinese Learning Pen to touch this icon . 

These enhanced features will greatly boost students’ learning results.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-988-13831-0-5
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Edition: Enhanced Edition
Publication time: 2020
Pages: 18

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 enhanced edition
Foundation Stage

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