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Audio Course - Mandarin Express Intro Level A

The Mandarin Express Intro Level A audio course is the best way to start learning Mandarin, helping you focus on pronunciation at every lesson. 

It is designed for beginners who want to learn how to speak Mandarin fluently and have meaningful social interactions in life and at work.

This audio course includes:

  • 1 x Mandarin Express Intro Level A Student’s Book
  • 1 x Mandarin Express Intro Level A Work Book
  • 12 x Mandarin Express Intro Level A audio lessons
  • 10 x Mandarin Express Intro Level A review videos

    Sample Audio Lessons

    Mandarin Express Intro Level A includes 12 audio lessons: Lesson 1 to Lesson 10 and two Review Lessons.

    Listen to two of them, Lesson 2 and Lesson 8, below.

    Lesson 2 - nǐ hǎo ma 你好吗?

    In this lesson, students learn basic greetings, and how to ask “what’s your name” in Chinese. Also, some fundamental sentence patterns and the structure of Chinese names are introduced. (If interested to know more about Chinese names, read Give yourself a good Chinese name!)

    A commonly used word, “hěn ”, first appears in this lesson. It is almost always translated into “very”. April explains the best way to understand its meaning. (It is also explained in this article: The mistranslated Chinese character - 很 hěn) 

    Lesson 8 - wǒ zhù zài xiānggǎng 我住在香港。

    Some cities and countries were introduced in Lesson 1. In this lesson, more are added. Moreover, students will learn how to say some major languages in Chinese, such as “Spanish”, “Portuguese”, “German”, and so on.

    The focus of this lesson is to practice how to do self-introductions, and to talk about neighbourhoods. Two important sentence patterns are presented, as well as some position words, such as “left”, “in front”, and etc. April explains where these position words should go in sentences.

    Learn more about

    • Mandarin Express Intro Level A Student’s Book

      Starting from pinyin, this book introduces 300 essential words and phrases based on ten fundamental topics, such as self introduction, getting around town, and food.

    • Mandarin Express Intro Level A Work Book

      This book is to re-enforce the key vocabularies and important sentence structures appeared in the Student’s Book. Exercises range from differentiating words to comprehending passages.

    • Mandarin Express Intro Level A Review videos

      Ten short animated videos are provided as basic materials for students to practice speaking Mandarin. Free of charge.

    • Self-study guide

      Self-study guide How to self-study Mandarin with a focus on listening and speaking helps beginners use MSL Master books and resources to develop their listening and speaking abilities quickly.

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