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What Is Your Opinion

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“No one ever steps in the same river twice.” This ancient wisdom remains true today. Both we and the world are constantly changing. And the changes today are changing faster than ever.

“What Is Your Opinion” is a platform for high level Chinese language learners to share their views and thoughts on a wide range of events which are shaping our world, and of course, to practice speaking Mandarin as well.

For Whom

This course is a natural extension for students who have completed the Mandarin Express series (or equivalent) and would like to have a platform to further their study by engaging in topical discussions.

It’s best for students who are interested in world events, including but not solely about events which China’s stances influence the outcome. 

Discussions are not debate. Personal perspectives and experiences are cherished.

Course Materials


But it is beneficial for participants to do some preparation before attending the session.


Chinese teacher April moderates the discussion and provides assistance when necessary.

Upcoming Discussions

The hottest discussion topic is published and updated regularly among all coming group classes. You can check out the latest schedule and sign up here: Coming Chinese Group Classes.

Another way is to follow our news blog for timely updates.

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