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Chinese Course -
Mandarin Express Intermediate Level A

Course Aims

  • Grasp long Chinese articles written in a formal style
  • Give mini lectures and express perspectives based on additional research
  • Enhance Mandarin listening abilities with authentic video clips

Course Description

This Chinese course uses a formal style to present four major themes for studies and discussions, including Chinese history, businesses, science & technology, and trendy life. It brings Chinese learning to the real world of real people, real events and real impact. 

Course Duration

120 - 150 class hours

How Does It Work

Mandarin Express Intermediate Level A covers four themes, Chinese history, businesses, science & technology, and trendy life. Each theme contains several long readings written in a formal style. Each reading begins with a few terms which require students to do self study, and ends up with a research assignment for students to present their findings. 

Throughout the course, students are expected to explain words and terms, to argue for a certain perspective, and to write their papers. Students’ active participation is essential for their success.

For developing listening skills, students are exposed to various authentic Chinese video clips that are related to the issues being discussed and are carefully selected on the internet.

On completing the course, students will get both the skills and mentalities for them to start reading Chinese publications, watching Chinese films and giving speeches in Chinese.

Evaluation of Progress

Presentations in Chinese on various topics are served as the main assessment. Students are expected to present on every chapter.

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