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Chinese Course -
Chinese Reading and Writing 6

Course Aims

  • Work on 50 frequently used Chinese characters
  • Expand vocabularies and structures comprised of 320 Chinese characters
  • Read and write a variety of different types of Chinese texts

Course Description

Chinese Reading and Writing 6 teaches 50 frequently used Chinese characters and expands students’s vocabulary further with more words and combinations within the framework of 320 characters, which account for more than 50% of characters used in Chinese books and newspapers today.

Course Materials

Course Duration

25 - 35 class hours

How Does It Work

This Chinese writing course is the last one in the series, teaching non-Chinese speakers to read and write Chinese with a limited Chinese characters. The goal of the complete series is to maximise the students’ reading and writing abilities with a small number of Chinese characters. 

With 50 new characters taught in this course, students will learn a total of 320 characters, and a great deal of words and expressions. With the extensive training they have received on reading and writing, they will be able to use these characters into meaningful and enjoyable activities of reading and writing a more diversified Chinese texts.

One impressive fact is that the combined frequency occurrence of these 320 characters is more than 50% of all modern Chinese print texts. With the extensive training provided, students will be able to understand many texts they encounter, which will make travelling, living or working in a Chinese environment easier and more delightful. 

Additional worksheets are provided for students do more targeted reading and writing exercises. 

Chinese Learning Pen is an audio tool which allow students to play any part of the texts in the book. It is instrumental in accelerating their character recognition process and improving their pronunciations. 

On completing this course, students will have completed their training on basic Chinese characters and be ready for their next stage study.

Evaluation of Progress

A review chapter is in place at the end of the book. This is where learnings are consolidated and assessed. How well students complete the exercises in the review chapter demonstrates their progress.

Study Modes

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