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Survival Chinese Course

Course Aims

  • Get Chinese cultural orientation
  • Learn must known phrases

Course Description

This is a short-term, no-nonsense course, focusing only on the most important and practical matters. It gives students necessary cultural orientation and teaches students must known phrases in Chinese.

Course Duration

2.5 hours, including a walking tour in Hong Kong or dine-in experience in a traditional dim sum restaurant

How Does It Work

Getting ready for a trip to the Greater China Region? Get some cultural orientation and be equipped with essential phrases with our short-term survival Chinese course, and have a more enjoyable travelling experience!

The Greater China Region, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, is a fascinating region for sight seeing and doing business. There are hundreds of different dialects spoken in the entire region, while Mandarin Chinese (putonghua) is the most common one of them all. Most people speak Mandarin. For those who do not speak Chinese, the trip can be quite tough. It is the best to spare a couple of hours for some quick lessons. 

This short-term Chinese course is the answer. 

We have filtered out the superfluous information and focus only on the most important and practical matters. 

This course gives students necessary cultural orientation, what makes Chinese culture attractive and what not, for them to know what to expect. This course also teaches students must known phrases in Chinese, so they can be polite and inform people what they want or don’t want.

Moreover, a walking tour in Hong Kong or some wonderful dim sum will make the entire course worthwhile. 

Time spent on this course definitely makes a positive impact on the overall travelling experience in the Greater China Region.

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