7 best of the best Chinese New Year greetings for this coming chun jie

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7 best of the best Chinese New Year greetings for this coming chun jie

After January 1st, the next big event is Chinese New Year, 春节 (chun jie), the Spring Festival. This year, Chinese New Year starts on February 12. It’s probably the most important Chinese festival. It’ll be handy to know some Chinese New Year greetings for this special occasion. Whether it is for friends or for business connections, being able to say or write something nice and auspicious is always a plus.

While there could be hundreds of Chinese New Year greetings around, nobody needs to learn them all. A few best ones suffice. In this article, I have distilled seven best of the best Chinese New Year greetings for you to use. 

You can write these Chinese New Year greetings in your greeting cards, or say it when you are visiting your friends or business partners, or copy and paste them in your emails. The first one is usually used standalone. For the rest of the Chinese New Year greetings, you can either use them as they are, or start your sentence with 祝你 (wish you) or 祝大家 (wish everyone), then followed by the greetings, such as 祝你身体健康, 万事如意! 


#1 新年好! 恭喜发财! (Xīn nián hǎo! Gōng xǐ fā cái!) 

This first one is the simplest and the most basic Chinese New Year greeting that everyone knows. Its beauty is that it is easy to learn and easy to use. I’ve seen people who have not studied any Chinese can quickly say this greeting out loud and win loud praises. You can send this wonderful Chinese New Year greeting to anyone. It literally says, “Happy New Year! Be rich and prosperous!”


#2 身体健康,万事如意! (Shēn tǐ jiàn kāng, wàn shì rú yì!)

This second Chinese New Year greeting starts with a focus on health, which is super important nowadays. Everyone is concerned about health, especially after the COVID pandemic. Time can be tough; plans can go awry. But as long as we have good health, we have the foundation to soldier on, or to start over. So send this nice Chinese New Year greeting! It says, “Have good health. May everything goes your way!”


#3 心想事成,马到成功!  (Xīn xiǎng shì chéng, mǎ dào chéng gōng!)

In this third Chinese New Year greeting, instant success is the focus. Don’t we all love to see sweet instant success, even when the instant success is of ten years making! For all hardworking and diligent people who have laboured through the whole year, it’s time to wish them all the success they deserve. Send them this Chinese New Year greeting. It says, “All your wish will come true, and instant success is achieved!”


#4 笑口常开,合家欢乐!  (Xiào kǒu cháng kāi, hé jiā huān lè!)

Being happy and having a loving family are important concepts in Chinese culture. Therefore, when emotional well-being and joyful family relationships are at the top priority, this is the right Chinese New Year greeting to use. It says, “May your life filled with laughter, and happiness to the whole family!”


#5 大吉大利,生意兴隆! (Dà jí dà lì, shēng yì xīng lóng!)

For business partners, for people who are running businesses or in charge of business operations, this Chinese New Year greeting is definitely the first pick. Good luck and good money, that’s what many business owners and operators wish for. Send them this wonderful Chinese New Year greeting. It says, “May you have great luck and make enormous profit, and have a flourishing business!”


#6 五福临门,四季平安 (wǔ fú lín mén, sì jì píng ān)

The reason that this Chinese New Year greeting is among the best of the best is the fact that it incorporates some traditional Chinese beliefs, the five blessings (五福). All we need in our life are these five blessings, which refer to, 1) longevity, 2) wealth, 3) health, 4) virtue, and 5) a natural death. That’s a nice summary of an ideal life. So send this Chinese New Year Greeting! It says, “May five blessings come to you, and a peaceful life of four seasons.” 


#7 新年进步,学业有成!(Xīn nián jìn bù, xué yè yǒu chéng!)

The last but not least, and perhaps the most relevant Chinese New Year greeting for an educational company like us, is to wish all students to achieve great success in their study. While we all know that it’s possible for us to work in the same place for decades with nothing to show for, making progress in one’s study is actually not that hard to do. Once we decide to learn something, as long as we put in some time and effort, we’ll see our growth. That’s the beauty of being a student! And for life-long students, as they have never stopped learning, making progress is perfectly assimilated in their lives. So send this Chinese New Year greeting to all who are constantly enriching themselves. It says, “Make progress in the coming year, and have accomplishment in your study!”


With these seven best of the best Chinese New Year greetings, I am sure you’ll enjoy the festivity more. Here at MSL Master, 祝大家新年进步,学业有成!

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