Announcing MSL Master goes to NCLC this May!

Written by April Zhang on Tuesday, 28 January 2020. Posted in Book Fairs & Conferences

Announcing MSL Master goes to NCLC this May!

National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) 2020 will be hosted in Orlando, Florida, this May, and I am going to conduct a workshop this time. Happen to be in the neighbourhood? Stop by!

NCLC is a big deal in Chinese teaching and learning. It attracts more Chinese teachers than anywhere else I have been to. It offers many insightful sessions and workshops. Moreover, coupled with an exhibition floor, it is also a good place to showcase Chinese textbooks and learning related services. I attended NCLC Houston in 2017, and had a booth there to do just that. The atmosphere was lively and nearly everybody spoke Mandarin Chinese, except security guards checking people’s badges. I heard northern accents, southern accents, and also foreign accents! After the conference, I went to a basketball game, watching Rockets playing. That was a lot of fun!

Time flew by quickly. I am glad that I am going back this year, and I am super glad that I will be hosting a workshop and sharing my knowledge and expertise in learning Chinese with other Chinese teachers. Given the fact that it is very competitive to be accepted as a conference presenter, I am really glad I made it. I am also looking forward to having some fun watching a game or two!

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