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Ask MSL Master - Can I submit more than one story?

Written by April Zhang on Thursday, 21 July 2022. Posted in Chinese Writing Contest

Ask MSL Master - Can I submit more than one story?

This is an important question! I’m glad it is asked.

For people who get their creativity going, it’s very likely that they can write more than one story or poem or mini play. All writings are written using the 320 Chinese characters, and all are really good.

This inquiry is paraphrased as below:


Writing with a limited number of Chinese characters is so much fun! 

And I have written two stories. Both of them are written within the required characters. 

I want to submit both of them. 

Is it allowed?




— My Reply —


Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. 

I’m glad that you like the idea behind the Chinese Writing Contest and you’ve enjoyed writing with a limited number of Chinese characters to the extent that you’ve written two stories.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept multiple submissions from the same participant. Please review your stories and choose only one to submit. 

I thank you very much for being part of this Chinese Writing Contest and wish you best of luck!

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April Zhang

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With her help, many students have achieved outstanding result, which has enriched their understanding about China and has significantly contributed to their work.