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Chinese Reading and Writing 2 online lessons completed!

Written by April Zhang on Wednesday, 29 July 2020. Posted in Front Page

Chinese Reading and Writing 2 online lessons completed!

Hooray! The last online lesson of Chinese Reading and Writing 2, Review 2, was uploaded today, July 29, 2020. This second level of Chinese writing course is done! Click here to check it out.

Chinese Reading and Writing 2 is the second book of the series, presenting 50 new Chinese characters (including two special characters which have more than one pronunciations), 10 grammar points,166 words and combinations, 229 sentences, 21 conversations, and 9 short readings.

Based on the book, I have produced a total of 19 online video lessons. Some lessons teach how to read, how to write, and the meanings of individual Chinese characters. Some lessons teach Chinese grammar. Some lessons present the meanings of words and combinations. Some lessons demonstrate how to read sentences, and how to gauge the exact meaning of a character or a word in a given context. Occasional explanations are here and there to clear up some questions which many students have asked about, such as “why are there so many Chinese words ending with 子?”

Comparing to the production of all the online lessons for Chinese Reading and Writing 1, this time I definitely did a better and faster job. Based on my previous experience, I have made an important change, which is to use my office as a dedicated and quiet recording studio. It has made things so much easier! Whenever I was doing recording, I felt grateful. Apart from that, I am also definitely getting better at using varies softwares. On top of everything, I have found a lot of free time amid the COVID-19 social distancing rules. 

This pandemic has been here for a long time, and does not seem to go away anytime soon. It has caused so much stress, depression, and pain. However, when I was in the creation mode, I felt my stress was alleviated. Indeed, I was happy. And my cute animated character seems always smiling. I hope this wonderful feeling can be passed on to viewers. They can learn some Chinese while feel less stressed.

With this job done, the next one is to produce online lessons for Chinese Reading and Writing 3. Join me again soon!

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April Zhang

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With her help, many students have achieved outstanding result, which has enriched their understanding about China and has significantly contributed to their work.