Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kits just arrived

Written by April Zhang on Sunday, 12 September 2021. Posted in Front Page

Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kits just arrived

Thanks for all the engineers, designers, coordinators, printers, couriers and the supporting staff, after overcoming countless small hiccups, finally, Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kits just arrived. One of them is already reserved for the grand winner of this year’s Chinese Writing Contest.

For all who have registered for a Complete Course Kit, the wait is over. Thank you for your patience and you’ll be receiving a notification soon. If you haven’t registered yet, order today.

Learning Chinese is a process that is enjoyable, inspiring and stimulating. This is what a Complete Course Kit can bring to beginner students.

With this Complete Course Kit, students will gain greater control over when, where and how they choose to learn reading and writing Chinese. They will have all the tools they need and stay focused on learning 320 Chinese characters and using them to read and write interesting stories and conversations.

If students spend three to fours hours per week to study, watching videos, practicing reading and writing, they can expect to finish the Course Kit in six to nine months. 

After that, participate in the next Chinese Writing Contest and show some amazing creativity with these 320 Chinese characters! 

If there are any questions about certain words or sentences, there are regular online tutoring sessions set up for this purpose. If more exercises are desired, additional worksheets are easily available. 

One of the key components of the Course Kit is the Chinese Learning Pen, which is a new shining star in MSL Master family. It is really amazing that how flexible and powerful it is for students to listen to any Chinese text in the books. This new dimension of learning is absolutely fun to play with, and helps greatly to speed up the learning process. 

When using Chinese Learning Pen, instead of using eyes to follow pinyin, students can use their ears to pick up the most natural sounds. Indeed, students will be able to tell, and to appreciate, the differences between pronouncing a character when it’s standing alone and when it’s part of a combination or a sentence. 

As for the books, it is equally amazing that the new technology allows ordinary looking textbooks to have extraordinary abilities to support the use of a Chinese Learning Pen. 

To learn more about the Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kit, check out here. 

To place an order, go directly to the Catalogue.

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