Give the gift of learning Chinese for this holiday season

Written by April Zhang on Wednesday, 01 December 2021. Posted in Front Page

Give the gift of learning Chinese for this holiday season

The year 2021 is coming to an end. Despite the continuing restrictions and lockdowns, we have good reasons to celebrate. We have created new video and audio Chinese courses, we have made new connections with students and teachers, and we have witnessed amazing creativities from the Chinese Writing Contest. And of course, the season for gift giving has arrived.

At MSL Master, we give the gift of creativity and inspiration. Hope you will like my gifts!

To celebrate the coming of 2022, a new year and a new beginning, I have some awesome gifts for all students who are learning Chinese now, and those who would like to get started. 

Send me a request. You might have another gift for this holiday season.


  • The Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kit. HKD 2,109. 

Giving away one Complete Course Kit. The recipient will pay for the shipping charge.

The Complete Course Kit is MSL Master’s latest product, a perfect course kit for beginner students to learn how to read and write Chinese. 

This course kit includes six Chinese Reading and Writing books (the complete set), and a Chinese Learning Pen (an audio equipment). 

The Chinese Reading and Writing series teaches 320 Chinese characters, 1,299 words and combinations, and 34 grammar points. The exercise sections include 1455 sentences, 52 conversations, and 46 readings.

Students can scan the QR codes on the book pages and quickly get access to the online video lessons.

Chinese Learning Pen is the new bright shining star in MSL Master family. It’s a wonderful audio tool which can play any part of texts in the textbooks at will and at ease.


  • The Audio Course Package - Mandarin Express Intro Level A. HKD 1,180.

Giving away two Course Packages. The recipients will pay for the shipping charge.

This Course Package is a perfect starter kit for zero beginner students who wants to start speaking Mandarin quickly and also speaking it well. 

This course package includes one copy of Mandarin Express Intro Level A Student’s Book, one copy of Mandarin Express Intro Level A Work Book, and twelve corresponding audio lessons. 


  • Learning Chinese Well Organised. HKD176. 

Giving away four copies of Learning Chinese Well Organised. The recipients will pay for the shipping charge.

Learning Chinese Well Organised is a learning journal dedicated for learning Chinese, helping students find time and space to learn amid all the distractions in the world.

If there are too many notifications flashing across all the electronic devices that you have, you’ll need this journal to help you stay focused. 


I am not Santa, but I also enjoy reading nice letters.

Write to me before December 20, 2022, and ask for only one of the above gifts. People who write the best letters will have their wishes fulfilled.

If you’re afraid that you won’t be that lucky, don’t worry. There is one more gift readily available for everyone, with no shipping required.


  • 112 online video lessons for learning how to read and write Chinese. Free of charge.

This is my final gift to all Chinese learners who want to learn how to read and write Chinese.

Different from many Chinese courses which are quick to pile up thousands of Chinese characters, these video lessons are structured around 320 Chinese characters. And these 320 characters are expanded into 1299 words and combinations.

While learning individual characters being placed as the first step, the focus of these lessons is on building up words, and on developing a good sense of reading and writing Chinese.

Watch all the video lessons here.

Moreover, for the purpose of helping students review these 320 Chinese characters, and 1299 words and combinations, also to help students speed up their character recognition process, I’ve adapted these characters and words/combinations into SuperMemo flashcards. Also free of charge. 

By using these cards, students can rely on SuperMemo’s algorithms to achieve the best learning result. 

More details about these SuperMemo flashcards are here.


Hope you like my gifts, and have a splendid year ahead!

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April Zhang

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With her help, many students have achieved outstanding result, which has enriched their understanding about China and has significantly contributed to their work.



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