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Join the discussion: Is your job threatened by AI?

Written by April Zhang on Thursday, 11 January 2024. Posted in Front Page

Join the discussion: Is your job threatened by AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay and it has become better and better very quickly. 

Have something to say about this?

Come and join the first “What Is Your Opinion” session and talk about your perspective on an increasingly important question: Is your job threatened by AI?

Many years ago, an IT expert suggested that I should use a software to capture what other people were writing about teaching and learning Chinese, so that I could sample their articles and come up with my own very quickly to boost my website’s content.

I didn’t listen. I thought that was cheating.

Today, using AI to generate website articles has become an accepted and widespread practice. It works far better than the software recommended by the IT expert. 

In fact, not only writing for websites, but a whole range of jobs can be replaced by AI. 

And AI knows it.

Below is the answer that AI gave me when I asked about jobs that would be replaced by AI:

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant advancements in recent years, leading to the replacement of humans in several job roles. One area where AI has made substantial strides is customer service. AI-powered chatbots have become increasingly common in online customer support, handling tasks such as answering frequently asked questions and providing quick solutions to common problems. These chatbots are capable of understanding and responding to customer queries in a way that is often indistinguishable from a human representative. As a result, many companies have chosen to replace some of their customer service personnel with AI chatbots, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

AI is also replacing knowledge workers, who use their specialised knowledge and expertise to perform complex tasks. For instance, AI-powered software is being used in the accounting industry to perform data entry tasks, reconciliations, and even tax preparation. This software is capable of analysing large data sets, identifying errors, and flagging issues that previously required human intervention. Similarly, in the legal industry, AI-powered software is being used to review and analyse legal documents, speeding up the research process and assisting attorneys in complex cases. As AI continues to evolve, it has the potential to replace knowledge workers in other fields as well, such as financial analysis, medical diagnosis, and scientific research. While this may lead to increased efficiency and reduced labor costs, it also raises questions about the future of work and the need for re-skilling and education to adapt to a changing job market.”

That has by now become reality. The writing is perhaps generic, but flawless nonetheless, and it only took me a few seconds to do so. This is a speed that no humans can compete.

Things have been moving very fast indeed. And AI is not the only thing that is capturing our attention. This is the reason why I’m organising a new discussion oriented course for people to offer their views, and to say it in Chinese.

Details about the first session is below:

Topic: Is your job threatened by AI?

  • 1:00 PM - 2:00PM, Feb 29, 2024, Thursday (HK time).
  • Online
  • HKD150 per person (Maximum 6 participants)

Register before Feb 26, 2024. 

Use this Google form to register: 


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More about this course:

“What Is Your Opinion” is a platform for high level Chinese language learners to share their views and thoughts on a wide range of events which are shaping our world, and of course, to practice speaking Mandarin as well.

This course is a natural extension for students who have completed the Mandarin Express series (or equivalent) and would like to have a platform to further their study by engaging in topical discussions.

It’s best for students who are interested in world events, including but not solely about events which China’s stances influence the outcome.

Read more about this course here: 


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April Zhang

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