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Learn Chinese writing online - the fourth course uploaded!

Written by April Zhang on Friday, 20 November 2020. Posted in Front Page

Learn Chinese writing online - the fourth course uploaded!

A new batch of 19 video lessons for learning how to read and write Chinese are completed, uploaded, and ready for viewing. This is the fourth Chinese course teaching 50 new Chinese characters, 222 words and combinations, and 4 grammar points. And two old characters are brought back and are reintroduced for their second pronunciations and meanings.

The textbook used for this series of online lessons is Chinese Reading and Writing 4. Guidance is provided for working on the exercises in the book, which include 217 sentences, 14 conversations and 6 narratives. Also, students will be completing six end-of-chapter challenges along the course. Two of the challenges are using a minimum of 150 characters to describe a scene. These two are my favourite, giving so much space for students to improvise. All these exercises are absolutely necessary. 

I stressed a few times during the production of these video lessons that there is one thing students have to do by themselves and nobody can do it for them. That one thing is practice, working on reading and writing exercises. After learning new characters, words and grammars, the next step is to use all the new knowledge to read and write Chinese texts, and to build Chinese reading and writing skills. It’s the skills that count.

To watch all the new Chinese Reading and Writing 4 online lessons, visit here.

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Additional worksheets (PDF) are available for these courses. Order them here.

All four Chinese courses give beginner students a solid foundation of 220 Chinese characters (6 of them are special characters), 716 words and combinations, and 28 grammar points. Exercise sections include 771 sentences, 52 conversations, and 22 narratives. Wow, lots of Chinese texts to read and write!

It’s been a lot of fun for me to produce these lessons. Working out the virtual backgrounds, selecting the props, and adjusting the camera’s angles, everything is fun! I can’t wait to start working on the next batch of video lessons. 

Moreover, I started to receive some nice comments, telling me how wonderful these lessons are, and how logical the sequence is, characters, words, grammars, and exercises, it’s just the way learning Chinese characters should be. These comments are definitely the cherry on top. 

Thank everyone for watching. Stay tuned for Chinese Reading and Writing 5 online lessons! 

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April Zhang

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With her help, many students have achieved outstanding result, which has enriched their understanding about China and has significantly contributed to their work.