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Meet your new personal assistant, Learning Chinese Well Organised

Written by April Zhang on Saturday, 15 August 2020. Posted in Front Page

Meet your new personal assistant, Learning Chinese Well Organised

Ever had trouble finding time to review your lessons, to complete your homework, or to learn a few new words? You need Learning Chinese Well Organised to assist you with time management, to encourage you to keep going, to inspire you with new learning ideas, and to keep your general goal in mind while completing each of small tasks.

Learning Chinese Well Organised is scheduled to hit the shelf this October 5, 2020. It is a journal and a tool to inspire and to help learners of Chinese to find time and space for their study in the midst of all kinds of distractions, to which the current COVID pandemic has added an extra layer of anxiety. It is the latest addition to our portfolio of products and services offered to Chinese learners worldwide. So far we have got two series of Chinese textbooks, free online lessons, resources for teaching and learning Chinese, and Chinese Learning Pen. Learning Chinese Well Organised will officially join the family in a few weeks. 

Why a journal? You might ask. Nowadays everyone is using a smartphone to do scheduling and to write notes on.

Indeed, we are all quite addicted to our smartphones. And the whole world knows it. Everybody knows how to get our attention. That’s why we keep getting notifications on our phones. Every a couple of minutes, or even seconds, something flashes across from the screen. As a result, we are all distracted. This is the new human conditions which we are increasingly accustomed to. And this is precisely the reason that a traditional journal works. Let this journal help you stay focused, even if for only a few minutes.

A journal printed on physical paper is as low tech as it can get. It does not, and can not, replace the advantages technologies have brought us. Technologies are great for teaching and learning Chinese, as long as we use them well. In fact, Chinese Learning Pen, a digital tool, was released only a few months ago. I love it and students love it. However, we need to keep in mind that we do not want to become slaves to technologies. No technology can substitute for the act of people sitting down and doing some writing exercises. Apart from speaking and listening, students must write with their hands to activate all relevant parts of their brain to become truly familiar with the language. Learning Chinese Well Organised is such a tool, getting learners of Chinese to find some tech-free moments in a digitised world, to be with themselves, to reflect, and to achieve.

Learning Chinese Well Organised is now available for pre-order. Don’t miss the introductory offer, buy 3 get 1 free! The shipping is free worldwide. Click here to order. 

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About the Author

April Zhang

April Zhang

April Zhang is the founder of MSL Master and she enjoys teaching and interacting with students. She constantly explores new and interesting ways of teaching Chinese through creative and imaginative activities.

With her help, many students have achieved outstanding result, which has enriched their understanding about China and has significantly contributed to their work.