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One step further in learning Chinese online - the fifth writing course uploaded

Written by April Zhang on Monday, 14 December 2020. Posted in Front Page

One step further in learning Chinese online - the fifth writing course uploaded

After some intense and productive weeks, I’m happy to announce that the fifth Chinese writing course is completed, uploaded, and ready for viewing. Based on the textbook Chinese Reading and Writing 5, eighteen online lessons have been released.

This is one step further in learning Chinese for all the students, and one step closer for me to complete all online lessons for the entire Chinese Reading and Writing series. And I have some impressive numbers to show for Chinese Reading and Writing 5. 

As before, this new series of online lessons presents 50 new Chinese characters. Two of them are special characters. Four old characters are brought back for their second pronunciations and usages. There is a reason for these old characters not being introduced as special characters when they first appeared in the books. 

When I introduce a new Chinese character, I also introduce how to use this character in words, in sentences, and so on. That requires all other associated Chinese characters must also be introduced, either in the same lesson or during the previous lessons. If a special character appears, so have other necessary associated characters, I’ll introduce this special character as a special character, presenting two pronunciations and associated usages. However, when a special character does not have necessary associated characters to activate its second pronunciation, i.e. the second pronunciation can not be adequately presented with sufficient illustrations, only one pronunciation of this special character is introduced. There is no point to introduce its second one, since students can not use it. Thus, the special character is like a regular character.

For this reason, when gradually more characters are presented, some special characters are able to come back, with a new identity, to dazzle us how versatile they are! 

On the words and combination side, there are 250 words and combinations presented in this latest series of online lessons. Five super useful grammar points is explained, including the 把 sentence, and how to use 才 as grammatical particle. I think the latter is particularly fascinating. 才 is capable of expressing opposite views.

The last but the most important part is practice. Without good and level appropriate practice, improving Chinese reading and writing skills is only empty talk. There are 347 sentences and 12 stories in the book for students to practice. The final story is an impressive two A4 pages long. Study everything thoroughly. This is the job you can not delegate to others. 

To watch all the new lessons, go to online lessons for Chinese Reading and Writing 5. 

To watch all the previous online lessons, go to:

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Lessons for the last book in the series, Chinese Reading and Writing 6, are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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